Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hexagon in Black!

I think this looks much better with this flower color, don't you? (still not blocked) A pastel would go well with ecru or white or a pale green, but this is too bright and intense. I'll finish up the bag and put it on my other lace blog but I intend to continue the tatted version too and will show it here.

I changed the rose slightly, adding a chain stitch between petals and it lays much better. It's also a tidge bigger because it is laying flatter. For the tatted version, the outside will be mostly chains and josephine rings but I may use clunies too. Not sure I want to tackle that but it would be a good refresher and truer in replication.

Yep, one more done! That's me in the middle with my buddies. My personal one will probably have some tatted lace and a shuttle in her hand when I'm done.

I just get tickled when I see Diogi laying like this. She does it all the time. I don't know if it's to keep cool or if she's too fat to lay on her belly much. I don't know how much she weighs but she's hefty to pick up. My male cat that is outside is putting on weight again. The two sets of cats get stressed when in the same room together, even after a year. Mine always go out in the summer anyway so they're all getting some relief. I brought mine in one night thinking they might want to cool off with all this heat but a few hours later, they couldn't wait to go out again.

So, another late night post done. Night all!


  1. Our cat lies that same way! He's a big boy, last time we weighed him he was nearly 20 pounds. Quite an arm full.

    The black background with that bright flower is very striking. I agree, a flower that bright needs a bold background.

  2. Very striking in black. I am amazed at your sock monkeys. Love those lips.

    Diogi looks contented. Umi and Tsuru does it all the time especially when it is hot.

  3. I agree... the color looks wonderful on the black! Love the sock monkeys! I made one when my oldest daughter was little. It fell apart quickly, partially from too much love and partially from poor workmanship! It might be fun to try making one again, now that I'm a little more experienced!

  4. I love the combination of black with bright colors. That is gorgeous!

    Diogi sure is pretty. My cat used to lie like that, too. Sometimes I think she did it when she was hot (she was definitely more inclined to curl up in a ball when she was cold), but mostly she was asking for tummy rubs. Of course, not all cats like that, and it could be hazardous to try to find out....

  5. My 2 cats are so different, Babe is a Main coon and weighs over 15 lbs, the other is a Rupert and our outside cat. he only weighs 8lbs. He lays like yours out in the yard. yesterday he was in the yard with all 4 paws straight up in the air. I believe they do this when they are content and happy and feel safe. Babe lays like that a lot on the sofa. The share a bedroom together and love their poster bed. I will have to post their picture.


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