Friday, August 06, 2010

Tatted Hexagon Bag

This is a page in a random notebook where I'd been playing with some tatting to make it look like Irish Crochet several years ago.

I thought the idea came from one of Mary Konior's books but I looked through all four of them and didn't find anything. Unfortunately, there is nothing in my notes either so maybe I was referring to something else or maybe I just came up with it since the three samples show a progression in design. I think I've already figured out how to do the hexagon like the crocheted one, including stitch count. I hope to get to try it out tonight.

Might practice my clunies first........(clearing throat)


  1. I'd be tempted to stick with these little samples... they're wonderful!

  2. Oh yes, such wonderful little samples! Every time I read through instructions for translating crochet stitches into tatting, I get the worst headache! But you are doing such a splendid job on your notebook items!

  3. In Tatting with Visual Patterns, Ms. Konior has a piece based on filet crochet. Maybe that was your original inspiration?

  4. ...clunies... did I hear... clunies...??? Heh, heh...

  5. Oh wow! Your samples are really pretty! I can see that clunies would give you the look of the crocheted bag. Fox has me practicing clunies again. Apparently they are NOT like riding a bike. I had them SORT of figured out last summer. This summer... not so much...

    :) Ann


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