Saturday, August 14, 2010

From Acer-Land again

I already had this in drafts so at least you get a bit of humor from me!

Thursday night I had to reinstall my mouse drivers once again. Then Friday morning, weird stuff started happening. I won't know what kind of damage for a bit but I'm pretty sure it is a virus. It somehow locked up my existing virus protection and - well, I just turned it off and will get the news later on the state of affairs. Someone will look at it Sunday but I'm not sure I'll have answers then.

A lace friend and I are going to be doing some dying in September but this time I want to dye lace motifs more than thread. I found a bag of mostly crochet pieces that I bought at a second hand store somewhere so I will dye those but I'm also tatting some edgings to try a few techniques out. So far I've tatted a shuttle's worth of simple rings and chains and about 16 inches of hen & chicks. I might do a little of Mary Konior's curds & whey along with a few other simple edgings - depending on how much time I have. I will probably tat some simple motifs too, flutters and flowers and such.

I don't have my little Acer laptop set up to receive scans or camera images. It's not all that big and those take up a lot of room so once again, I don't have any images, but I'm taking pics with my camera for later. I stitched a bag for someone and enjoyed it so much I'm inspired to make more but first I have to dress my sock monkeys and send them off. I also got some books from the library today and they just fired off my lingering desire to do more surface stitching. And Needlelace.

Why are we limited to 24 hours in a day????? LOL! Or rather - why is our time and energy limited to only a few paltry hours out of those 24?


  1. Boy! I'm sure sorry to hear that your computer is still on the fritz. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you're back in business soon.

    Your dying plans sound exciting! I like the idea of dying a finished piece. I SO WISH we did have more than a few paltry hours to pursue our interests!!!

    :) Ann

  2. I hope you get your computer problems solved soon. I sure would love to see those pictures!

  3. Being attacked by a virus is the worst! Hope your computer gets cleaned soon - miss your daily posts.

  4. Eek! I hope your computer is okay.... :-(

    As far as your Acer, I have one of there little mini-thingies with VERY little space. As an alternative, you could put an SD card in for extended memory --if you have an SD Card in your camera, you could pop that in for images. ;-) (When I got my mini-thing, I bought an SD card for it just so that I could save things without having to worry about the actual memory of the computer; I just saved everything to that and since it doesn't stick out like a USB stick, it's quite convenient and I don't have to worry about bending another USB stick (yup, been there; done that. That LapTop hated me, though... Thank Goodness the Acer seems to like me a little better... not much.. but a little, LOL... This Acer (my desktop) LOVES me, though. LOL).

    Okay, okay, enough rambling from me.

    -Stephanie Grace


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