Monday, August 23, 2010

Tatted Cords

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I added four more tutes about tatted cords. I taught these at Palmettos several years ago and you can find them in my blog archives but now they are in pdf form and easier to print out and use.

I'm not the only one who does this. Jane Eborall has several patterns that use one of these techniques and I've seen other people have taught it at Palmetto's since in new projects. I got the original technique from a Ring of Tatters pattern book. I think earrings were made from the technique. I didn't put it in any of these directions but I also added beads, leaving a bead on the thread around my hand and closing the ring. That puts it right at the base of the ring.

Three of these techniques result in a cord that looks the same - so you can choose a technique that feels comfortable to you. If you want to practice split rings, make two lengths of split rings and pull one length through the other. The tute shows step by step photos. It's really not all that hard. The one that looks like a chain link is the hardest to explain. I have to really focus myself to get it right.

I'm hearing of several people who have gotten a virus that crashes their computer. I'm not sure why it disables my anti-virus software, but it clearly does. I've got a new one picked out but it still may be awhile before I actually get it and have it set up. In the meantime, I'm tatting and sewing away!


  1. I think I must've got the idea from a Ring of Tatters newsletter too. IF I could get to the bookshelf I'd try and track it down!!! It's an intriguing technique. Sorry to hear about the virus. I'm hoping it doesn't go after macs!!!!

  2. I'd really like to have your patterns or tutorials about false plaits -- but clicking the blog archives wasn't any help. Do you have an easier way to get to them for the computer impaired?

  3. What a wonderful idea!!!!! Love the cord will definately have to try this one!

  4. Gina,
    That's really neat. You could use that to put a band on a man's hat in manly colors. So their hat looks dashing & dapper too. Which is perfect for a little man I have. It will settle a fun game of takng his sister's hat that I done for her. Now I can do it & make him a hat special too. Thank you very much for the answer to part of the poblem. Still have to find a nice hat & not a baseball hat for him. Then I'll be set.

  5. Well, duh. Thanks, Gina -- I found 'em. They all look interesting so I'm going to have to try them all.

  6. Thanks, Gina. Each of the cords suggests all sorts of possibilities. They will be really fun to play with.


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