Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Pattern Links

I just added NINE more direct links to patterns and techniques. They are at the bottom of the list. At some point I'll divide them into "patterns" and "techniques" and perhaps alphabetize them. I still have some things to convert to pdf files.

And once I start diagramming efficiently, I'll have to redo them all! They do need some revising but at the moment, I have other priorities. Just a quick note though about the ruffled picot technique. I'm not sure why I said they were also known as the node stitch or set stitch because I'm pretty sure that isn't true. I'll check Connors Illustrated Dictionary of terms to make sure.


  1. Well, technically you said it's a variation of node or set stitch, which it is. If you leave out the picots, you simply have Victorian sets; Elgiva Nicholls referred to this as node stitch in Tatting Technique and History.

  2. Gina,
    You are so helpful to everyone. You are very busy redoing these patterns so they have diagrammings. Which is super nice that you think enough of others to do this for them. Thankyou!
    Yes, that dicionary of Judith's come in very handy! I use mine alot too. Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Thanks Miranda - I figured I had to get that information somewhere but I'm not at home to check my books.

  4. Oh there are a feast of patterns and techniques, some of which I've already downloaded. Thank you so much.


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