Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks to my son-in-law, I'm virus free and everything is intact! It was a fairly common virus and easily removed but he went further and checked my whole system out.

You might think I tatted up a storm in the blogging vacation but it was all this white stuff. LOL!

I mentioned that my lace friend Sally and I are going to play with dye in September and this is part of my preparation. I had a ball of DMC size 40 that was getting small so I've been tatting it away. There's still a bit more left. There's a yard of the hen & checks edging. I think around 14" of the ring and chain edging. The butterfly is from Adelheid Dangela's book, Tatted Butterflies, but I don't remember the name of this one and I'm not home to check.

The three flower fragments are from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns, as is the corner motif which is the piece I test-tatted when I made my daughter-in-law's bridal hanky to see how far from the first row that the second row would be. Maybe I can make it into something special for my granddaughter some day.

I also have some crochet lace pieces I've picked up here and there and I intend to tat more motifs before the BIG DYE DATE.

Tatting Fool was looking for a simple bag to embellish with tatting since she doesn't sew. I offered (and so did others) to make one for her. I looked through several whites in my stash and come up with this one, which I later figured out was fabric from a skirt my mom wore. I think she even made it. I knew I would never wear it so I took it apart for the fabric. I'm thinking this fabric will make some wonderful "memorial" gifts for family members. The fabric can be used for drawn work too so I'm just brimming with ideas now! Thanks to TF for prompting me to find it. I'm anxious to see how she decorates the bag too.

At the weekend I got to visit a little with my oldest grandson (the big guy) and my great-grandson (the little guy). I've mentioned him before but most people forget I have a great-grandson. I have this pic on my office door along with the most recent of my new granddaughter and when coworkers ask who he is and I tell them, they are surprised, even though I had a photo of Cameron in a Superman suit on the door for ages when he was a baby. He's four now and so smart. Remembers EVERYTHING!

Update - sorry- I was asked to remove the photos of my granddaughter.

I had to take this photo of my son's cat, Diogi, the one who lays on her back ALL the time. This time she is on the sofa back, obviously deep in sleep. As long as I put the terry cloth towels on the back, they stay on those which I like for fur control. I just pop them in the washer and put a fresh towel on. Not pretty exactly, but it works! I don't know what kept her from sliding right off the back but she stayed in place.


  1. I'll be interested to see the results of your dying experiments. My sister dyes thread for me, and we dyed some of my crocheted doilies. We've only dyes one completed tatting thing -- mostly because I don't tat in white much.

  2. Marty, I don't have a lot of white tatting either. That's why I'm trying to get a bunch done. LOL! It would be nice if I had a specific project in mind, but I don't. I might before we get there though.

  3. Thank you so much for making that purse! The tatting is all ready, and I'll be attaching it today and maybe tomorrow, depending on how long I can stay awake. And I think it's so special that it comes from your mom's skirt.

    I look forward to seeing the results of your dye experiments!

    That photo of Ellie is adorable.

    Didn't you know cats can defy gravity, even in their sleep?

  4. I just noticed you wrapped your tatted edgings on thread cards. Great idea! I usually end up with mine dangling all over the place and catching on my thread as I'm working on it.

  5. Miranda - I sort of wondered if her fur and the terry towel were like velcro? LOL!

    Karen - There are also similar cards for silk ribbon that are longer so they would hold more. I don't think I'd want to put more than a yard on the floss holder. Unless it's a tiny edging in tiny thread which wouldn't take up as much room.

  6. Glad to hear that your computer problems are taken care of!! Technology is great, when it is working!! Can`t wait to see your hand dyed item later in September!!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the dye escapade!

    Looking forward to seeing what Miranda does with the new bag!

    Enjoyed the pics of your brood and that funny furry widget as well! Thanks!
    Fox : )

  8. All that white tatting is lovely. I especially love the edging on the bottom of photo. Butterfly pattern is called Teresa (pg 23). No, I did not know you have a great grandson. Wow! I missed Ellie's photo.

    I often wish I could sleep as soundly as my cats. Umi and Tsuru loves anything fresh from the washer. I have on a couple of occasions caught them pulling down bath towels from the rack and lying on them.

  9. Firstly, how is it possible that you are a great grandmother?!?!?! You have some very good-looking offspring.
    Secondly, I have tried to leave comments on your blog so many times in the past few months only to have my computer crash...but I am happy to report that I have finally remedied that problem! Yay!

  10. Love all that pretty tatting! I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of your dyeing escapade. I bet it is going to come out very nicely!

    You've got a good looking family - I hate that I missed Ellie, but I already know that she is QUITE the cutie!

    :) Ann

  11. umintsuru - Thank you for the butterfly name and page number!

  12. First - That's an impressive array of white tatting! The 'corner' Konior piece almost looks like a butterfly to me! I can't believe how you manage to do so many things, plus your amazing blog, plus your job!

    Second - You can't possibly be a great-grandmother!

    Third - I can't believe the cat(s) will sleep only on the towels - especially on the BACK of the sofa! What a riot!


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