Thursday, August 19, 2010

I don't usually add buttons or badges to my blog for two reasons - one, it's already crowded in the sidebars; two, I'm not inclined to advertise for free. If I like something, I mention it in a blog post but if I were to put a badge in the sidebar for everyone who sells, it would be filled up in no time. I especially hate giveaways that require you to put a badge or button on your blog and/or become a follower. I prefer to do my "following" without advertising it everywhere. If I read your blog, you're in my sidebar already. When it's updated, it shows up and I know to visit. But that's just me. I certainly don't expect anyone else to do things the same way. I DO have a badge, but only because I think you might want to revisit the site over the next few days. It's not about tatting, but that doesn't mean you can't put your own tatting twist on it.


Under the Table & Dreaming is posting 5 new ornament tutes each day for 4 days with a surprise on Sunday. It's been my experience that you can take about any ornament and personalize it even further by adding tatting or whatever your specialty is, to it. And this is a good reminder to start thinking about Christmas gifts, right?

A good objective comparison of needle tatting and shuttle tatting can be found at Dreams of Lace. The study was done some time ago but I think it's still valid. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. I tried some needle tatting before I finally got the hang of the shuttle. In many ways, the needle is easy to work but I prefer the shuttle. I couldn't stand having those long tails of thread laying in my lap. LOL! But it's whatever works for the individual. I'm just enamored with the shuttle and always have been. No one in my family tatted but seeing that shuttle in the how-to Coats & Clark books and in the dime stores when I was a kid always made me long to learn. For some people, it's the end result that drives them. If they can get the same look by going down a different road, they're happy. I wanted to learn the method.

Dreams of Lace was one of the early websites I visited frequently when I learned to tat AND found the internet in 1997. There are still lots of links to patterns there. Check out the Wedding Shawl located on Georgia Seitz's website. In all the times I've been to Georgia's website, I don't remember seeing this shawl but I followed the link from Dreams of Lace and found it. The website is owned by Christiane Eichler so go have a look when you can.

Once again I'm having problems with my home pc. I didn't have any tatting to show today anyway, but case it takes a while to resolve this latest issue, you know why.

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  1. So sorry you are having computer problems. I am looking forward to seeing more your your lovely tatting!


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