Friday, December 10, 2010

Future & Past.....

Okay, these were shown online a few years ago, but I wonder when these will be the next fad? Tatters Up! You could tat some lovely lace eyelashes and put them on the thin eyelash strips. Tat in size 80 and they will still be fairly light. Remember when I tatted eyelashes for a gold mask? And they aren't fancy at all - just very very long picots!

I wanted to show you the 1908 McCall's magazine that I bought last weekend at the same place I bought the shuttle I blogged about recently.

Here's the cover. The water damage does not look as dark as it does in the scan. Note the writing saying a Christmas Play is inside. Click on the image for a larger version.

This is the table of contents. Keep in mind that this is over 100 years old! The annual subscription rate was 50¢ per year. It mentions in the January preview of an article about the lace that will be in fashion. I would love to see it! Oh, and if you were writing to one of the editors/writers you needed to include a 2¢ stamp for a reply.

Here's an article about a popular hairstyle and it mentions teasing (or backcombing) the hair and the permanent wave created by a French stylist. I can't get over how much hair the model has! Mine won't even hold a velcro barrette!

Handmade gift ideas! I wish I could see that needlebook in the upper left a bit better. I am so tempted to try my own version of that one.

Much of the magazine had to do with McCall's patterns. I guess I was surprised to see what a wide range of patterns they carried a century ago.

This is a description of the patterns just shown. Read just how very elaborate these articles of clothing were! Tucks and braids and lace and buttons and pleats!

Just like today, the magazines were supported by advertisers. See the ad for suesine silk? Ten to twelve yards for a dress and the cost was 47 1/2¢ per yard! Okay, a yard may only be 22 inches wide, but wow! What a lot of fabric!

Look at how nifty the "modern" stove and gasoline lamp were!

Here's another stove and "alkali" must have been the buzz word then. I saw another ad mentioning their product did have not alkali or was made without alkali.

I hope you enjoyed these pages. I just love glimpses into the past.


  1. I LOVE seeing these old magazines! It's so interesting to see how things were and the opinions of years ago. It really makes me want to have just 1 hour with my great or great-great grandmother!

  2. Gina,
    Wow a whole 50 cent for a year to get this magizine! Love it!
    Your eyelashes are breath taking. You make a lovely model!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing the magazine!!!!
    BTW, how much did you pay for it at the antique store? (curious george wants to know ;-P )
    I LOVE looking at antique mags

    Not sure I'm too keen on those lace-lashes.. think it takes away from beauty of the eye, and puts all focus on the lash (but maybe that's what it was intended for?)

  4. Love the lashes! I'm a big fan of fake eye lashes, the more over the top the better. The way I see it, is why bother with fake lashes unless they are very obviously fake:) I was actually recently thinking of making myself a pair of fakes lace lashes...

  5. I really enjoyed looking at your blog and the McCalls Patterns. My Mom always thought of sewing as a HUGE chore that gave her backaches and headaches! She came from a family of nine; was the fifth in line, and as such seemed to be the scullery maid, babysitter for older sisters when they had another baby, and maker of clothes. And hours, apparently over the ironing board grabbing irons off the old cast iron, wood-fired stove. Even though she had a brand new portable Singer bought in 1941 from a door-to-door salesman; she always hated sewing. That is why I never had a chance to learn, she had such a distaste. But she did beautiful work, she lined Dad's winter woolen shirts with satin at the back; and she made me a beautiful reversible came, red satin on one side and navy gaberdine on the other. When I went to the new school in my cape, a little boy said, "Oh, look! Is she a Princess?" I remember being very embarrassed at being noticed as I was brought into the new school room. Ahhh all these memories brought back by your blog. LOL bev

  6. I've enjoyed this post so much: eyelashes and magazines as well.
    Thank you to share them.

  7. love these styles...would love to be able to wear my hair like that..and that type of simple skirt and pretty..this is a good find to be sure..the eyelashes...not to big on those...they look heavy...don't they.?


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