Sunday, May 25, 2003

Catching up on mail today and cyberlists. I no longer get mail from any of the lists - listed as no mail and unsubbed from many. I looked in on one today that I haven't read for quite awhile and saw there was an exchange for the Colonial Lady - deadline...................yesterday.

Oh well. I might bait a few friends to do this with me later. I'm avoiding any more committments for the time being.

I was looking for my printout of the moose pattern on Friday and couldn't find it. It may be in a storage tub of single sheet patterns. I could just go to the website, but I still don't have my printer downloaded on the new computer. Maybe later today.

I'm still tired from my drive.

Oh yeah, wanted to mention that I still had extra thread on the shuttles from the crocus. I had about a yard left over on each shuttle. I'd put 7 1/2 + yards on the ring shuttle - probably closer to 8 yards, and 3 yards on the chain shuttle.


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