Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I found the wild yellow and there is also a bright marigold color and a few other possibilities. Unfortunately, not a stitch of tatting the last few nights! I measured the thread the last time I made the crocus and put approximately 9 yards on each shuttle- size 50 oren bayan which tats like size 20. The ring shuttle had slightly more than 2 yards left on it. I haven't measured the chain shuttle yet but I didn't use much at all, probably not much more than 2 yards. So for this next crocus, I'll put 7 1/2 yards on the ring shuttle and maybe 3 yards on the chain shuttle - I'll probably measure what is left on the last one to get a better idea. I got one of those handy dandy shuttle winders from Tatting & Design through Lily Morales and those babies are superb for unwinding as well as winding.

I was sorting and cleaning in the sewing room tonight and then walked the treadmill, showered, and here I am - past my bedtime again. sigh.................
But a long weekend coming up so I'll have plenty of tatting time in there somewhere!


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