Sunday, May 25, 2003

Oh wow! I was just reading Not Martha and her bit about finding a quilt at the Salvation Army and remembered my shopping trip on Thursday afternoon! I love 2nd hand stores and garage sales, tho I don't indulge near as often as I used. Not a garage sale yet and this is a great weekend for it!

Anyway, on Thursday, I found this great shaded blue chenille bedspread at Trinity Mission. It has rows of squiggly chenille that look like waves of water. I may put it on a bed after Jesse moves out or I may use it on the sofa for the time being, until I get a new sofa. I also picked up a little pillow that turns out to have magnetic circles in it - says not to attempt washing and drying because of the magnetic pieces. Now what does that mean? Will it mess up the magnetism or the dryer? I didn't buy it for the magnetic properties, but that might be interesting, if you like little hard circles pressing into your head.

Let's see, what else did I get? Oh, some silverware to take to work. I took some a few years ago and it disappeared. This is a mismatched set - 6 forks, 6 knives, 3 regular spoons, 2 soup spoons. For one buck!

I also bought 2 male dolls, GI Joe type - one has jointed knees - which is exactly what I was looking for when I looked for props for the display window at work. I often dress the dolls as characters for the situation. I had a Barbie doll with jointed knees but not a male doll. The dolls were $.50 each. And in perfect shape!

This store used to be a good source for hard to find craft stuff, but there doesn't seem to be much now - wait til garage sales are in full season - then people take their leftovers to the thrift stores. This is how I got such a bunch of wood items to paint on...............which are calling my name, asking if I've forgotten them.

I'm trying to remember if I got anything else. I need to get outta here and plant my garden so I can play!


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