Monday, May 05, 2003

I've started a 2nd bag. I didn't have enough gold beads so I used some dark multicolored ones. This rayon floss is some I bought at a garage sale one year. They had gold and black and I'm using the black. It's much different from the new floss I've bought. It's slicker than snot and I have to watch or the knots come out. They don't do that on the new floss. It's also a different brand - C. U. Springer Marlitt , from Germany. There are 10 m on a skein instead of the 8 of DMC and 4 strands instead of 6. It will have a nice feel to it when done, I'm sure. I'm not leaving as much play in the picots this time so there won't be as much slackness. I'm also doing the 2nd half of the split ring by starting with the 2nd ds like you're supposed to. I couldn't tell that it made any difference in the past but thought I'd still go with it. After I do these, I may make one for the county fair.

Guess I'll miss the online class again. I really have so much to try to do tonight. I want to get things boxed up from one corner and moved to the basement. I should be getting my summer clothes out and I still want to walk the treadmill. If I do all that, I won't get to tat, so I'll probably cut corners somewhere. Aaaaccck! I just remembered something else I wanted to do before coming home today - guess it will wait until tomorrow.

I also got 2 more books from I.O.L.I. library. The Bath Tatting Book and Mlle.Riego De La Branchardiere. oooohhh, quick glance and pretty stuff!


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