Friday, May 16, 2003

I finished a crocus - the flower part anyway. Still need to do leaves, but I think I will make several of the flower parts and then do the leaves - I may decide to go with artificial leaves instead of tatted ones. This is the one from Sharon Briggs' newsletter. I want to make a little bouquet and I also want to make the heart motif she has in the same newsletter.

3D doesn't scan well on my scanner. Ah, just remembered - I'll have to download the digital camera too! the webcam done tonight. I can do video emails again!

I am so ungodly tired tonight. I think there is a hormonal surge going on. Almost forgot what those are like. Earlier this evening, J. was going at it on his drums, which I usually really enjoy, but this time I was ready to crawl up the walls. Teeth on edge sort of thing. I also need to download weather bug so I can tell what the temperature is and the forecast. It seems to be more reliable than the weather channel on satellite. The other J. is doing well with his tonsillectomy. Their dad doesn't sound too good. His hand went numb and he called J to come and get him but refused to go to the hospital. He did go to the dr. today.....diagnosis was anxiety attack. He also has emphysema and a liver condition of some kind.

Maybe I'll get a new scanner next month. But I need a computer desk too. Decisions.


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