Friday, May 09, 2003

Last night I got back to the amulet bag. I was hoping to bring them in today but when I realized I still had to string the beads for the 2nd half, I knew that was a no-go. So I'm tatting along, by this time I've got the rhythm of it all and getting consistent tension on my stitches and just the right length on my beaded picots..............down to the last few split rings before I start attaching it to the 1st half.............and I realize I've got too many beads on a picot, 2 rings back. Not just 2 rings, 2 SPLIT rings. Sigh...........nice thing about rayon thread is that the stitches loosen up easily. I got one undone and stopped before doing the 2nd one. It's opened up, just not un-tatted. Got online to check mail and that's all she worte. (((GRIN))) I was very tired and didn't last long. Tonight I'll finish up.

I'm anxious to get more organized. I had a friend out the other nite to work up some estimates for work I need done. So now I'm getting enthused about the changes I'm making. Which means I probably won't have a lot of time for this for awhile. I think I might paint my sewing/craft room too - even though we just painted it a year or so ago.........nah, I'll just get around to putting neat stuff up on the walls instead!


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