Saturday, May 17, 2003

It looked like rain and, in fact, it was sprinkling while I was en route to the Fort. But it ended as I got there and Maureen was sitting at a picnic table, waiting. So we told the director what we thought was the Lacer's Tree (it wasn't) and she brought us some chairs and we sat with our wares at hand. Demonstrating at the Fort requires you to dress in period clothing and I had borrowed Cathy's. Chemise, 2 skirts, vest and cap. Cumbersome, but I was glad for the layers since the wind was chilly. About 10 minutes later, Chris showed up, so we sat there chatting, Chris doing her bobbin lace, me shuttle tatting, and Maureen needle tatting. Once I get my self started in knitted lace, I might take that - depending on whether it is in line with the time period. I doubt they knitted much lace, but maybe. It's still hazy and chilled and overcast. The sun came out for a bit, though not too brightly.

Three hours of tatting and I had about 12" of a single ring edging and about 4" of hen & chicks edging.

I've been online since I got home, reloading some things that were on the old computer. So much yet to do. I'll do a bit at a time. Hopefully the printer and scanner tomorrow. I think I'm going to get off here soon so I can get some other stuff done. The day is pretty much gone, but I really would like to have more free time tomorrow, so the more I do today, the more time tomorrow.


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