Monday, May 26, 2003

I just found a link on Threads home page for some instructional videos online using Real Player or another media player. Feature Page I looked at the one for sewing a turtleneck on the body of the top. Also learned I can make adjustments on real player - change the size of the box and adjust the color and sound..........other than sound, I never knew you could do all those things! Oh! If you look on the left hand side of that page and click on one of those subjects, there are little videos available in those areas too! Whoo Hoo! Embellishments, cool! I recently came across a book I purchased at Half-Price Book Store in Indianapolis last year about beading on the sewing machine. I get these fabulous books and then just set them aside. I think that's where the computer has become detrimental.

I'm slowly adding links to my favorites on the new computer. I imported the old favorites but they are still in a separate file. So many links don't work and this file is huge, so I'm just going through them as I have time. Now I'm drooling over all the things I want to do. Just got through the jewelry making file. So what am I doing here???? LOL! Well, first I better do dishes ......and then get a little tatting in. I started a lavendar crocus last night. I'll have to dig around to find where I hid my stamens back when I was cleaning out other craft boxes. My labeling on the storage totes didn't stick so it's a little confusing. Fortunately, I can see through most of them and have a general idea of what they hold.


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