Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Last night I downloaded the printer and the scanner, but the scanner still isn't showing up, so I'll have to check all the connections there. Still have to load the digital camera and a few other programs. Got word finally in.

Tatting .............. nothing. I have a crocus in process and I found the moose pattern. I might try the moose in size 80 thread and see if it's small enough for earrings. Not that I really want a moose hanging from my ears, but it might be appropriate for a certain event. And hey, I am a Moose Lodge member of the Women's group. Not that I've been there in years, but that might be a market if I want to unload what I've made, once I make it.

Gillian Buchanan is the host at BellaOnline. There are tons of tatting instructions and links to free patterns for anyone wanting to learn to tat or improve their skills. I recommend a visit there! Cluny appears to be featured right now. I've made some cluny leaves but haven't been able to be consistent with them. Practice might remedy that, but other than an occasional textural change, I wouldn't use them that much. I do like Mimi's coaster.


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