Sunday, December 26, 2004

Back to normal

With the exception of unwrapped gifts under the tree and decorations still up, today was exceptionally normal. I caught up on laundry, dishes and.....heheheheh....tatting.

While I was in Vegas, I worked on the T.A.T. proficiency program. One particular bookmark by Pam Palmer required 2 shades of a color I didn't have with me so I only tatted the blossoms and butterfly and waited til now to get back to it. It took me 3 tries this morning to get going on it right....and I have 2 mistakes. So, I'm doing it over, have the blossoms done in blue this time, and an apricot butterfly. Will probably do the green tomorrow. I prefer to do that all in one shot so the tension stays even. In the one above, I forgot to join rings to the chain in a few spots. The blossoms and butterfly are all supposed to be attached so the same side is up, whether you do traditional or front side/back side tatting. Somehow, I got the last one upside down. If I hadn't forgotten to attach a the chains, I would just snip and redo the blossom, but it's too much to redo with the chains. So I'll just save this one and give it away sometime. I truly think my blossoms look better with my second try though.

The directions are on one side of the sheet and the photo and diagram are on the other side. I try to use both because it wasn't as clear to me where to join on the chain with the diagram, and in fact, that's why I forgot in 2 places.

I have only the corner bookmark left after this. I blocked the other pieces last night. Then I have some explanatory stuff to write up and will need to organize it all in a folder/binder and it will be ready to send off. The projects don't seem hard to me, but this is the apprentice one. The patterns are not as clear as I would like for this type of project, but I've been able to figure it out so far and noted when something wasn't working out.

I wonder what the next 2 phases entail?

Sue tells me the shuttle is to be used, not set aside. LOL! It is a clover which I prefer to use, so use it I will! In fact, I took it with me yesterday knowing I might get to the bookmark then and I needed 2 empty shuttles and only had one....but I didn't get to it until today.

I think that bookmark would make a lovely edging. The butterfly is a nice touch here and there. Can't you see it edging the bottom of little summer cropped top? Or a longer top? If someone were VERY ambitious, it would look nice at the bottom of a skirt or along a tablecloth. Don't look at me! LOL!

Here's the filet crochet mat I'm working on now.

I really enjoyed using the Snowman one I made last year. It was on top of a red plaid tablecover so it really stood out.

Well, tomorrow's back to work though it will nice and quiet and hopefully, I'll get my office more organized!


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