Saturday, December 25, 2004

My Secret Santa

I had a delightful time reaching in and pulling out 11 tiny double-wrapped gifts from a lovely purple velvet bag. The purple bag and the mailing label showing it was from the UK were BIG hints as to who my Secret Santa was, but it was still a surprise, because Secret Santa had the name of the person who was supposed to trade my name with someone else and if she traded, then the other person would have her own name. I haven't found out yet how they pulled that off!

Each little packet was first wrapped in tissue paper, sometimes with little green metallic confetti trees, and then wrapped again in a decorative foil paper and tied with a ribbon bow. My sister will love hearing about that part. How many times have I dropped in some metallic confetti shapes in cards.... to be inadvertantly spilled all over? Nice touch Sue!

There was a nice variety of the requisite chocolates. A ball of vintage Coats ecru thread, size 60; a skein of what appears to be a vintage floss - very smooth and silky; 2 button hairclips; a teddy bear reflector which is great for a night-walker like me; a glass jar of lovely beads which also has a tatted flower on the lid, some gorgeous earrings tatted from a turkish metallic thread of which there is also a generous sample of said thread (flowers based on Mary Maynards flowers); a little bag of vintage buttons to tat on, some intriguing beads on wire which also looks quite vintage; a little pink satin bag containing a "unique Sue original" shuttle; and a set of what looks like round white buttons with a tree shape in the center.

Thank You!

Now I can't tell you who I was Secret Santa for yet and show it. I don't know if she has the package, but I can show you something I tatted for it. LOL! I didn't know Hen & Chicks edging could go so fast. I tatted something like 48" in just 2 1/2 days, mostly in evenings. It really is so festive in red. I wanted to put it everywhere! When it was all done, I found an I didn't think you could make and not notice. LOL! I left it, but I wonder if the recipient will find it? I can't find it in the scan but I know it's there. The way the lace is overlapped makes it hard to see.


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