Sunday, December 19, 2004

A Relaxed Sunday!

From Not Martha, I learned about sugar bubble figures.

LOL! Yes, Lacemaker, I checked your blog out today (12-17-04) and I see the tatting and those precious teensy teddys.

Tatman has provided the next online class lesson about inverted picots. sigh....I think I have projects lined up for the next 6 months.


My friends who have put up with me whining about how busy I've been will be relieved to know that I took it easy today. LOL!

Yesterday I cleaned house, rearranged furniture, emptied the dishwasher finally and then reloaded it, did laundry, flipped the mattress on my bed when I washed the sheets, put up the tree but didn't decorate it, went shopping and spent hours wrapping gifts. My body was not happy with me by the time I went to bed.

Today, I unloaded the dishwasher again, decorated the tree, and wrapped more gifts. Then Lord of the Rings came on I decided to watch it since I didn't get through it when we rented it. My son was home and popped some cheddar cheese popcorn to share with me as he sat down to watch it too.
Sharing Popcorn

I enjoyed doing nothing so much I decided to skip shopping tonight. It can wait. I did start crocheting another filet crochet mat - this one says "cookies for Santa" on it and is another I've wanted to make for a long time. (blush) I found the directions while cleaning the living room yesterday. I have one gift I want to sew, but I've somehow misplaced the pattern so rather than stress myself today, I'll wait til tomorrow. It'll come to me where I put it by then maybe.

I came to the computer thinking I might join the online tatting class but I got sidetracked answering a post on another list. Maybe I'll be there tomorrow, unless I'm shopping.

I found these potholders while getting out Christmas decorations. When I first started tatting and found out what "good" thread was, I decided to use up a lot of my cotton crochet thread by making potholders from vintage patterns......sigh....another good intention by the wayside. LOL! I made a few, I think 2 others besides these, before tatting completely took over. These really are festive hanging up. If Santa brings me more time at Christmas, I might be inspired to use up more of my thread.

Candy Cane 1

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  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Hi Gina,
    thanks for your little message.

    I wish you a lot of tatting projects and Happy New Year 2005.

    I'm missing the tatting online class... and I was in Quebec when Mark teached the last lesson....
    But I kept my tatting with me and I tried to make it myself.

    Chantal (lacemaker)


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