Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Crochet Me! The online crochet answer to Knitty. Both are great resources!

While looking at online quilt patterns I found this intriguing needlebook which has a tatted motif on the first needlebook. I also really like the scissors case inside.

Look at this fabric woven grapevine wreath and basket!

Last night I watched the last movie I had rented before Christmas because they were due by midnight :-( and I asn't about to take them back without watching every single one! LOL! While I watched Matchstick Men with Nicholoas Cage ;-0
I also started on my corner bookmark for T.A.T. I gotta pay close attention to make sure I have the sequence in order. This one also focuses on tension. Tension is something I'm much better at than I used to be but I can still tell that I am not always consistent. In crocheting, and knitting too as far as that goes, I once read that when you return to a project after an absence, a bigger project than a little motif I would think, that you should knit/crochet a bit and then tear it out and do it over, because by then, your tension or rhythm of working will have returned. Now tearing out knitting is not fun - or rather, picking up the stitches again is not fun if you do it the fast way. Retro-crocheting is a breeze....but retro-tatting - NO. Absolutely not. One way I see around this is to tat something else small, like a butterfly or very small motif.....just enough to get back into the groove of it, and then go to the bigger project.

Yee-haw! In less than 1/2 hour, I'm off for FOUR days! Maybe I'll take my tree down and maybe I won't, but I'm definitely going to play. I'd kinda like to organize my craft room since I've just been haulin' stuff in there ..........and there's no rhyme nor reason about where it sits. This might get dangerous.


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