Monday, December 06, 2004

Still Tired

I did manage to sort a lot of stuff on my desk and clear out my email, but it still feels like I didn't get much accomplished.

After I was on the plane for my flights home, I realized I had forgotten to put my tatting in my carry-on. I thought for sure that I put one particular project in there the night before, but it wasn't to be found. When I finally arrived home, it was packed away in my checked luggage. At least I had a book to read.

This is one of the T.A.T. projects. It was pretty easy as far as technique goes, but the directions weren't clear. Maybe you were expected to know how to follow the diagram, which I did use for reference on the ends where it wasn't too clear on how to proceed. I would not normally combine these colors but it was all I had within the guidelines. I still need to hide the ends and block it.

This is another project from the binder. I have one more row to finish it. A lot of split rings but nothing else that is unusual. It's wanting to pouf a little. I can fix that with the blocking if it doesn't get any worse.

This is the watch kit I brought with me in case I got bored. It was the first thing I did instead of tatting. Didn't really take long at all.

I'm amazed I found something affordable at Caesar's. I wanted something that said "Goddess" on it. I had pink, white, black and maybe gray to pick from. I chose the black and plan to tat some lace edging for it.

I gotta go change clothes here in a little bit and head for Curves. Then I have some heavy duty tatting to do tonight. That's for my lace group. I also have my exchange project waiting on me. I've gathered everything - just need to put it together. This is such a busy week. Tomorrow night is the lace group meeting. Wednesday I think I'm taking the xmas photo of my son and DIL and grandson. Thursday - dryer repair man coming. My grandkids will come Saturday afternoon for an overnighter..............

I have a feeling tonight will be an early night.


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