Monday, December 13, 2004

Better not cry, Better not pout!

I'm feverishly working on finishing up my Secret Santa Goodie Bag still. I think even with working on it all evening, it will not be done until tomorrow and will go out in the mail by super-sonic airmail if they have it!

I missed the online tatting class last night but hopefully my 'puter will let me pop in tonight. I can sit there and tat while everyone is talking. I printed out last night's log but I like to see what different viewpoints bring up. Ruth Perry has come up with some intriguing uses with her interpretation of the false plait technique. The class is about a candy cane, but I do like the other things shown on the lesson page,epecially the candle and the chevron effect. If you aren't already in the class, contact Georgia from her webpage. I believe next weekend is the last class until after the holidays.

My grandkids were at home for the weekend, decorating cookies and ornmaments and cards and watching movies. My granddaughter picked up a shuttle I had on a nearby table and played with the remaining thread in it. She said she remembered the stitch and practiced at home sometimes. I didn't have the chance to check but I suspect she may need some fine-tuning since I didn't find any evidence of tatting.

Today has been fruitful at work......hope to carry on at home now.


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