Thursday, December 23, 2004


I'm really enjoying this not having any last minute stuff to do. I do have a few gifts to wrap, nothing major and they don't even have to be done by tomorrow. No food to prepare.

I went to the grocery store today to make sure I had enough for the weekend. I ended up buying a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie. I'll spend a little time at my daughter's on Saturday and possibly at my oldest son's house too. We're all gathering tomorrow, but I'll make the individual trips too.

I'll be up fairly early tomorrow - meeting a friend in the morning before I meet with family later in the day.

I rented some movies today - another way to encourage me to do nothing periodically but sit and relax. LOL! I sat for awhile tonight, crocheting the "Cookies for Santa" mat. The way the graph is blocked off, there are 5 sections, each section being 10 rows. I'm done with the first section. This mat appears to be a little smaller than the snowman I made last year.

My son is wrapping his gifts right now. He put batteries in one for my great-neice. It's a baby kitten that mews and purrs and opens its eyes when you pet it. It's kind of spooky really. LOL!

I got our cats a hooded cat bed, but they've basically ignored it, even with a tease of catnip in it. My son pointed out that I needed to get rid of the bed they are using - a big ol' cardboard box I brought home in case I needed to wrap something big. Skunk has been sitting in it every time I'm in the living room...but I filled it up with the gifts I'm transporting tomorrow so he just might go check out the other one now.

I can't find an official snowfall amount but it looks like 6-8 inches. I first thought it was 4-6 inches but once I was out there shoveling, it was deeper than that. The lane is a little iffy, but between me and my son and going in and out, we have some paths to drive through. The chilling cold is what I don't like. It's currently 6ºF.

Shiver Freezing Freezing Cold


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