Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Running Ragged Almost

Some time ago, a long time ago, I signed up for an online craft newsletter, PattieWack Craft Newsletter, and sometimes I read it and sometimes I don't. I skimmed this one and followed the link to her tassel-maker. I like the idea of it, the way it's made, but I think I'll hold off on getting it for now. She has a nice gallery of idea/designs there too.

Some things aren't even in my hands for 24 hours. I finished tatting the 3D snowflake Monday night but the stiffening was still in progress Tuesday morning. I was fearful that it wouldn't turn out so during my lunch hour, I tatted the red hat from one of Gina Butler's patterns. When I got home, I found the inner part of the folded sections of the snowflake still not quite dry. I got out the blow dryer and tried to dry it that way and then used a ribbon to tie them together instead of gluing like the instructions say. Then I stiffened the hat and used the hairdryer on it too, adding a red ribbon with teensy jingle bells and a red mettalic safety pin. Then I stuffed them in a little bright Xmas bag. Needless to say, by the time the recipient got it, the snowflake was looking a little limp.


Here's mine from Bette. We take the gifts wrapped but no names on them. They are placed in a box outside the door as we enter so no one should be able to see who brings what package. Then we each take a number and going in order, we pick which gift we want. It can be one of the remaining gifts still not chosen, or we can take someone else's pick.

We went through this 3 times. It's always best to be the last number as you are ensured you will get the package you want.
Bad Gift

I would love to be done with my Secret Santa exchange so I could send it out, but I'm getting nowhere fast. The dryer repairman came today and the part needed won't be in until tomorrow....well I haven't done laundry since I left the day after Thanksgiving so I washed a few loads and went into to town to dry them. That kind of blew tonight. It's just not a good week for getting things done. My grandkids will be here at the weekend and I'm far from prepared. I skipped the Curves plan tonight.....not enough time.

But next week should be much better.........but that will make my exchange possibly late arriving. Maybe I can get a RUSH on it.

Santa's Sleigh

and....ahem.....I've not even started shopping.


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