Friday, November 19, 2010

Gifting Opportunities:

The Pink Slipper Project. "Inspired by Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers, and hand-in-hand with the the members of Make Mine Pink, the Pink Slipper Project is an endeavor to warm the hearts and the toes of women and children living in shelters. Our goal is to provide hand-made slippers to as many women and children that we possibly can."

Enchanted Makeovers. "Enchanted Makeovers is an internationally recognized non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that transforms shelters for women and children into places of peace and possibilities—not just where basic needs are met, but also spiritual needs for hope and beauty."

Speaking of gifting opportunities!

My very own tatting press!

I was flabbergasted when Ann from Nifty Needles emailed for my mailing address. I had been admiring all the ones she made and was patiently waiting for the pattern to be available. Her stitching is impeccable! I didn't want to untie the bow but you have to in order to open the press. I have a secret.....I have been collecting bag patterns for ages, wanting to make them but seldom making the time to do it. I just absolutely have to now, to carry my press in!

Thank you Ann for such a generous and clever gift!


  1. Oh, you're another lucky lass too. Shame yours isn't as pretty as MINE!!! Mind, nobody's will EVER be as pretty as mine. Tat's a fact.

  2. Congratulations on your press, but please can you explain what a press is?

  3. Josie, If you go to Ann's blog (click on Nifty Needles in the post) and do a search on her blog for tatting press, you'll see the history of it. She has designed a handy carrier for a shuttle and the current project you're working on. It kind of reminds me of a hampburger press by having the two circles that come together but that's the only thing they have in common. The outside has pockets for shuttle, hook and thread and the inside can hold the tatting or needles and pins.

  4. Ha Ha Jane! I'm sure each of us is smitten with our own and believe it to be the most beautiful of all!

  5. hi gina, wow, i'd love to see what u make out of the pretty fabric!

    btw, i must tell ya that i LOVE your header image - TEAPOTS! one of my most favourite things...

  6. Hi Gina, thanks for the hint, I'e had a lovely time reading Anne's blog. They look beautiful and I will be looking out for the tutorial.
    happy tatting

  7. Anonymous5:25 PM


    Can't wait to see what Project you will use it with first!

  8. How nice,Gina! Lucky you.

  9. Hey Gina!
    I'm really happy you like it!!! It'll be fun to see WHICH bag pattern you choose. I've actually been thinking of making a purse with that fabric because I am hooked on ticking - we could be twinkies!
    :) Ann

  10. Ann rocks! It is just beautiful : )


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