Sunday, November 07, 2010

I recently tatted this Christmas Heart by Anne Bruvold. I didn't see my mistake until nearly the very end. I wanted to tat another before I posted it but that hasn't happened yet. She has a very nice mat designed by combining hearts too so take a look at that when you go for the pattern. This is thread I dyed last May. Unfortunately, I'm forgetting all the details already and I didn't keep notes for that session.

I finished up the Mister and Missus Monkey couple today. As I was sewing the bib for the skirt, it occured to me that the rose button would look nice on the fabric so I put it on there to see. I have more of the fabric so I can always use it for something for me. I've been on a pincushion binge here lately too but none are done enough to show.

The blouse that went under the bib actually seemed a better reflection for the button. I didn't use it though. I did start a pincushion but haven't decided what kind of embroidery I want to do on it. I don't know that I'll put it on there either. Decisions!

Don't they make a cute couple? They'll be winging their way to BC, Canada tomorrow. I feel really bad that I've let it go this long, even if I was the one to offer them.

I've got a PIF (Pay it Forward) to complete too. I have to admit I've been disappointed in the way people have responded to PIF's. I responded to one on Facebook and offered it myself which is part of the acceptance. I'm trying to remember if I ever got anything from the person I responded to. I do know that 2 out of the 3 who responded to mine didn't follow through. I still have the third one to do but I'm not concerned about that one in terms of them following through. I think she's a generous person already.

Well...time change this weekend will hopefully get me back on track. I have a devil of a time adapting to DST. I had trouble with it as a kid and then it went away for decades only to return in the past few years. I've always prided myself on being flexible and adaptive but DST is just not normal to my body. Period. We'll see how I get on tomorrow.


  1. The christmas heart in multicolored thread is really makes beautiful

  2. Ooooh, I'm in lurve!! The sock monkeys are adorable - hope Riet doesn't see them as she's the sock monkey queen!!!!!

  3. Your heart is very pretty! I love the thread, and I don't see the mistake. Isn't it funny how our own mistakes are so obvious to us, yet we often don't see the mistakes in others' work?

    The sock monkeys are adorable!

  4. Your tatted heart is lovely, beautiful thread.

    Mister and Missus Monkey are adorable!

  5. Max - thank you!
    Jane - I was the one who started Riet on her sock monkey binge. I crocheted her a little one when I was her Secret Santa and put him in a drawstring bag to guard her tatting supplies. Unfortunately, she brought him to Palmettos that year and he was NOT well behaved. Kept popping out of the bag and pretty soon others were making .... remarks about him. And then another year at Palmettos, he was joined by even more, big ones this time. Oh, the Netherlands has quite a gang of them now!

    Diane,it doesn't show up as much as I expected but it's there. I joined a ring in the first hump before I was supposed to which left me no place to join the very last one on ending. I sort of forced it in there. The general shape is right, so it fools the eye at first but if you look, you'll see it.
    Bonnie- thank you!

    I don't generally get to respond to very many comments at once!

  6. Well done for confessing your part in the sock monkey saga!!!! SO funny.

  7. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I want those Sock Monkeys!! They're so pretty, and the cutest couple on the block LOL

    Nice job

  8. The heart and the colors are absolutely lovely, and for crying out loud I'm not going to waste time trying to find the "mistake"!

    Very cute sock monkeys - and that rose button is exquisite!

  9. Quick - very quick as I am SOOO late - remark: LOVE the heart . So pretty! Can see no boo boo!
    ♥ Fox : )


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