Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Post Before Getting Busy!

After looking for lots of holiday ideas the past week, I realized I'm really short on time for many of them. Yep, already!

Here's the vintage motif I tried using clusters on. The original has another round of rings with tiny chains all around the outside framing this part. I decided to stop here for now. I got into my drawing software but it was too late and I have to re-educate myself on it so no diagram for now. Here's the notation:

(3 ds, --) 7x, 3 ds, clr (-- is medium picot, not small)
mock picot to climb to next round
[Ch 3, rw
R 2-1-1-2, clr,rw,
ch 3 + to next p, rw] Repeat around, joining last ch to mp where 1st ch started.
last round
Ch 7-7-7-7, j to base of ch join from prior round all around. On the second p, I made the cluster but you could make a josephine ring or leave it as a picot or put beads there. Your choice. I haven't heard back from Bina yet about showing the cluster technique.

This is the last of my dye play last weekend. It's been hanging above the sink for days, waiting for me to pluck it down! The crochet piece at the top is actually an edging that came from a linen circle that was damaged beyond repair. There are two places in this edging that are damaged too so it has limited use but I love the colors.

The next edging is one I've shown before in its original state. I was intrigued by the crocheted bullions and asked if anyone could come up with a way to tat them. Ruth Perry responded in less than 24 hours with a way! The link to her pdf are not is now working so I can't post them. This edging has some damage too and is not very long so again, limited use.

I am not sure what kind of lace this next one is. It looks woven and I find it often in vintage laces. I was surprised at how well it took the dye because I thought it was a synthetic fiber. Apparently it's natural! I like the way the colors turned out on this too. I wrapped this one around a cardboard cylinder (covered in plastic wrap) and then painted a color down each of three sides.

The last one is a short strip that I was trying the new colors out on: sage green, mink brown, azure blue, oxblood red, deep orange

This one is yards and yards of crochet, beautiful crochet but there is a damaged section in the middle. I couldn't find a way to wrap this successfully so I tried bundling it with rubber bands, like in tie dye. I didn't have the rubber bands all that tight so the dye seeped in. There are a few places that are lighter but the dye reached all of it. I like the color mix but I have no idea what I will do with it. The lace is wide and I'm not sure yet if it is crocheted in rows or in length. If it's in length, I can cut the bad section out but if it's in rows, it will be a challenge to cut and not have the whole thing unravel.

And believe it or not, this is what I would label

It was saturated in color so I don't know why it came out so weak looking unless the thread has polyester in it. I didn't crochet it so I don't know but that would be my guess. It also feels stiff compared to the other laces. I will try to overdye it in the next session with a brown to make it look like faded vintage.

That's it for today!


  1. I like that motif; it would make a nice ornament.

    As always, your dye experiments are lovely. I love the vivid colors on the mystery lace. The long wide crochet piece came out really nicely, too.

    As for your "fail", I think it's absolutely gorgeous! I know you have an image in your mind of what you were going for, but try to let that go for a moment and look at the piece objectively as it is. The lighter patches give it a bit of depth that it wouldn't have otherwise, and the way the dyes blend around the edges of the leaves make it look like a watercolor. To me, this looks like a great success!

  2. Which good idea the red it is attractive

  3. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Love the lace show-off!!

    And I really like the "Fail" photo - the colors are in their respective places and it just looks pretty to me.

  4. I really like the motif pattern. Thanks for sharing it. And I love your dye experiments!

  5. Mmmmm, I think the clusters are going to have to wait until I see someone make them. I really like the motif but would use josephine knots for now.

  6. The experiments are fascinating! You sure do have a lot of patience and I don't know how you can live with the bits drying all over the place! I am too much of a neat freak to be able to cope with that process. But, I sure do admire those who can. Nice work!

    The crocheted green border at the top is gorgeous. Fantastic colour.

    Love the red motif.
    Fox : )


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