Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was reading Wanda's blog yesterday and had to chuckle at the little dish of shuttles she gathered while cleaning. I have collections like that every time I clean. OR, like last night, I was going through a few boxes looking for a transfer pencil that I know I saw just recently. In the process, I was finding a lot of thread, tatting thread and embroidery thread, so I was trying to put it all in one box. Then I moved on to another box and MERCY! This one had an odd assortment of shuttles of all kinds that I have evidently just tossed in there. Some were from a teaching trip. Some were from an event where I was demonstrating tatting and some ..... well, I'm just not sure how they ended up in there.

Here's the first layer - some old vintage ivory shuttles, a vintage bone shuttle (hidden) some contemporary brass shuttles, a Tatsy, and that wierd aqua colored one. Must be from the 50's.

This is the second layer: a couple of packages of Clovers, some Clovers in a plastic container, a red Aero-like shuttle, and there is a Bates Aero-like shuttle hidden.

So, sitting in my chair tonight, I couldn't help but notice all the shuttles around me. These are in the little tub to my side that is meant to hold all the shuttles and threads when I'm done so that I can take them back to my craft room in one happy swoop.

....yeah....right.....those are two different baggies of shuttles.

Also in this "tub" is my little black velvet bag that I often use to carry my tatting if I take it with me. I usually throw the project, my crochet hook and the print out of the pattern if I need it. I don't carry it around nearly as much as I used to, but if there's something I want to work on as much as possible, it comes with me. Otherwise I put my emptied shuttles in there.

And last but not least, this is this week's accumulation (so far) on the table next to me. At the weekend, I'll sort it all out and put a lot of it away, emptying shuttles along the way.

This is sort of off the path, but these are the scarves I'm knitting. The one is done and is for a little 3 year old girl. The green one is for my 4 year old great grandson. I don't have much more to knit on this one but I wish I'd added an extra "rib". I think I'm going to have to crochet around the outside to neaten up the edges. I was going to add a fringe but I think I'll pass on that. I still plan to knit them both another scarf before the frigid January cold and those will have hoods plus turned up ends that will serve as pockets and emergency mittens. You know how kids that age manage to lose what isn't attached!

One more thing I found in the box - the Clover Cutter I received in an exchange years ago! I bought another one because I couldn't find it. I also found two tatted ornaments that were gifts in prior years.

It seems like I am constantly emptying shuttles. Now I know why!

I tatted another of Anne's Christmas hearts. No errors this time but once I scanned it, I could see room for improvement. Not that I would bother - except for the T.A.T. course and I think that's why I'm paying attention. I probably won't get back to work on this last phase until after the holidays but it pays to notice where my weaknesses are NOW so I don't have to tat everything twice! I really do like this pattern for some reason. I think it's the way it comes down in the center but still leaves an interesting negative space.


I just happened to glance up at the top shelf of my craft room bookshelf. And on that note, I bid you adieu, before I look anywhere else. My eyes are closed. I'm stumbling off to bed now. I don't think there are any shuttles in my bed.


  1. I love that red Aero-like shuttle. Can you tell me what brand it is and where you got it, please?
    Thank you!

  2. Yowza, that is LOT of shuttles! People are so different, one from the other. Me, I could not stand to have all those half-wound shuttles around! I would have to empty them, even if I had to throw away thread! (You can save it and cut short lengths and leave it for nesting birds in the spring. The lengths must be about 2 inches - no more!)

    Vive la différence!

    I must get to tatting that pattern. It appeals to me as well. Nicely balanced and not too big.

    Fox : )

  3. This post of yours put a smile on my face because I go through the same thing each time I am looking for something. Yours turned out to be a shuttle treasure hunt. Sometimes it is easier to buy a new one than to look for it.

  4. Hello gina you have magnificent shuttles, can you say to me
    How I have to make to command(order) it at home to have them in France thank you?

  5. I was going to do some cleaning today, but now that I see what you've unearthed, I'm afraid... very afraid! I'm pretty sure I don't have that many Clover shuttles, but what if I do?

    I'm sure I have little bags and boxes with shuttles and projects that have been long forgotten. And what about the tatted pieces, complete and incomplete... are the lurking in some dark corner?

    To clean, or not to clean... that is the question!

  6. You sure put a smile on my face this morning. I can totally relate to your shuttles discoveries.

  7. Crafty Diane - The brand name is "Birch". I know they aren't sold here in Indiana and since I don't typically use this type of shuttle, I'm guessing I bought it when I was overseas, probably in Australia, for my collection. It says it is made in India and distributed by the E.C.Birch Pty. Ltd. in Australia. It has a price of $4.75 which is certainly more than this type in the US. Hope that helps!

    Max - I think you have to be a little tat-crazy to have this many shuttles. I used to buy the Clovers at Michael's with a 40% off coupon which made cost about $1.25 each at the time. I had a habit of giving them away since they were so cheap so I just kept buying them to make sure I had plenty on hand. And then I put thread on them which meant I had to have more. I was also buying other kinds of shuttles to see how they all felt in my hand and then I couldn't get rid of them. It's a sickness, really. I think I've almost got it under control now though. (smile)

    Umintsuru - Yes, for me, the clovers especially were so inexpensive with the sale that it was easier to buy a few extra to have on hand than to unwind or hunt for an empty shuttle.

    Fox - I used to tat dozens of butterflies. That's how I unwound my shuttles. I could not bear to throw even an inch of thread away but I have overcome that. I throw anything less than 12 inches away. A yard or more is wound onto a floss holder. When I have time. I'd rather tat than have my shuttles tidied up. And yes, it's wonderful that we are all different! We learn from each other's bad habits. (very big smile)

    LLL - I'll bet you'll find those little whirly Konior motifs. Hundreds of them! You have lots of shuttles of all kinds. I have other shuttles in my display box. And in my 4 drawer carry-all but the post was about my shuttles just laying about. (cringe!) This is why I've limited my new acquisitions severely.

  8. Anonymous8:12 AM

    WOW!! that's a lot a shuttles. Your collection puts my measly two plastic shuttles to shame. I love my clover cutter too.

  9. Anonymous9:12 AM

    So many shuttles!!! I only have 5 shuttles (4 of which I currently use). I've got 5 more on the way... *sigh* and still I feel it will not be enough!! I can't stand to leave thread wound in them, but I'm too lazy to unwind them LOL!!

    Hey, if you ever decide you have too many, let me know and I'll take em off your hands ... just kidding... ok, maybe only half kidding :-D

    That is a very nice heart pattern - one of the most intriguing I've seen yet.

    You know, when I was younger, I tried to teach myself how to knit... only recently did I just learn how to cast-off... maybe one day I'll take up the craft again (when I run out of things to tat HAHA)

  10. I never have enough shuttles. I keep buying but never have any free ones. How many do I really need?

  11. Well, there's a Butterick lattice pattern that Lily Morales tatted with 12 shuttles:
    so you would at least need that many, just in case, you know.

  12. I don't have nearly the shuttles you do, but if I continue to buy the Clovers the way I have been I will be well on my way :) Thanks for sharing your collection and admitting your habits - I feel much better now.

    I have to laugh - my table in the living room looks pretty similar to yours . . .

  13. LOL! Oh, you have many more than I! But, like you, I seem to find them everywhere. I'll share this post with my husband to show him I'm not the only one that has to have multiple shuttles. Actually, he's great and never says much about them, just keeps them out of the grandson's hands as necessary :-)
    I love the idea of the ends of the scarves turned back. I don't knit but if I did I'd certainly give that a try.
    I'm still smiling, by the way!

  14. >>umintsuru: it is easier to buy a new one than to look for it.
    +1000 ))))))))))


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