Saturday, November 13, 2010

I wonder - has anyone noticed the measurement converter I added in the sidebar? I know we measure differently - centimenters and inches so it just seemed to be a handy tool for here.

I have always loved these gif's of Calvin and Hobbes. I haven't been able to get Hobbes to move for a long time. I finally tried copying the html from a very early entry and it worked! I was surprised because it was from a ftp transfer that blogger hosted way back in the early days and I figured it didn't exist any more. It just makes me happy to watch them dance for the sheer joy of it.

No tatting this post. I have lots of other eyecandy though. Karen on Contemporary Embroidery was a little discouraged and decided to close her Etsy Shop. Well, there was a little embroidered book in there that I was hoping to get some day and I mentioned it. She offered to hold it for me and then took off on a trip! I really wasn't planning on getting it for a few months but when she came back, she had second thoughts and opened her shop again. I figured I better get it before someone else did! It's expensive but unique and we all know beautiful handwork does not come cheap.

She is adamant that they are to be used, not simply admired. The idea is to promote inspiration and playfulness. It's going to be hard to make my mark in this pristine book but I will. When the time is right. I've got a few ideas floating around.

The next bit of eyecandy is a prize I won in Kathy's giveaway on Shawkl, which involves jewelry, crazy quilting and embroidery. She was celebrating her sweet "Punkin's" 7th birthday with 7 giveaways. I was actually drawn in by the lovely threads and ribbons in one giveaway. I didn't really win a giveaway. The original winner didn't respond so she drew from the other two commenters and I wasn't the winner then either. But I guess she felt sorry for me and decided to give me a consolation prize! I got it Friday - a beautiful sparkly bracelet! I wish you could see the shine. It looks like a million dollars! I wore it to holiday art show/sale at the library that night. You can see how the light is reflecting on the scanner lid.

I guess I do have some tatting. I bought this embroidered runner on Friday too at a flea market shop. It has a lovely hen & chicks edging all around. I don't know what the deal is with the embroidery though. It's like the person ran out of thread and didn't finish. The tails end in running stitches that suddenly end but are not ended off. It's very strange. You can see the blue transfer lines. Do I embroider over it? Do I remove the old stitches? It's in good shape. Only $3.00.

Since I got back from lace guild, I've been tired. I took a nap and I made a good stab at cleaning off the kitchen table but I really want to attack the living room and don't have the energy right now. I have to find a place for some boxes or get rid of something. That's the bottom line!


  1. I would suspect the embroidered piece might have been a UFO that someone found in the home a deceased relative, and no one in the family felt like finishing it. If you can find threads to match or coordinate with what's already there, why not finish it yourself?

  2. Love the bracelet!

    I agree with Miranda, you could finish it if you feel like taking on the project (make it your own!)lol

    If I were the one doing it, I would redo it in colors that tickle my fancy a bit more (i.e., I would probably change the color of the vase and the 'x' to match (but that's just me)

    Oh and yes, I have seen the converter - thanks! Haven't needed to convert anything as of yet, but I know where to come when I do!!

  3. I always use cm so this converter is very handy

  4. I love Karen's work too. It was you who introduced me to her embroidered pieces when you first posted about her purse. Enjoy the lovely book.

  5. you must use this book, please!! as for inches and centimetres, even though we changed to centimetres here 30 years ago I'm still an inches girl, always will be.


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