Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I think I might have mentioned in earlier posts that I was going to try to tat Martha's Pumpkin Teapot as a bookmark before the Dye Day. Once I made the center rib, I knew it would be too big for a bookmark, for my bookmark tastes anyway. So I just tatted the teapot. I started it Friday night in ecru Coates size 30 thread. I tatted til midnight or so and thought I was close to done so put it away to finish in the morning. Saturday morning, I started tatting again once I got the usual first-thing-in-the-morning duties done. I was to meet Sally at 1:00 p.m. I finished tatting and hid my ends, putting it on the scanner at 12:10 p.m. Whew!

So I quickly showered and gathered up my stuff and made it to Sally's by 1:15 p.m. We played for around four hours before I left for home. About 3/4ths of the way home, I realized I hadn't dyed the pumpkin teapot! In fact, I didn't even remember seeing it and I thought I took everything out of all the bags I had. Ooops!

First thing I checked when I got home was the scanner. Sure enough, there it lay. In my hurry to pack up and leave since I was running late, I forgot about it!

So Monday night, after work, I was at Sally's again, dying the last motif! She is keeping the dye through the weekend so it only required a little work to get it all out and ready again. The teapot turned out to be 4" wide 2 1/4" tall in size 30 thread. I suppose it could still be a bookmark but I think it would need a heftier tail than what I've been using. I could also try tatting it in size 80 thread. I was afraid the brown I was using would seep into the orange too much but it turned out nicely, I think. I accidently put green on the handle when I meant to use brown so I put brown over it but you can see a bit of green. For the lid part, I did use green but it looks brown for some reason. Maybe I put a touch of brown there. I painted some over the ribs too and then patted it with paper towel and went over the orange again with more orange. In the end, I think it just made the orange a darker orange overall.

I used diluted dye on both these pieces. The crocheted coaster was in a bag of vintage lace I bought at an antique store. I didn't really notice that some of the points were broken. It would make a nice piece for CQ as the other embellishments would cover up the points. The colors appeared more faded and vintage and I do like them.

I didn't have time to do much with the seahorses and I think I just dipped them in dye and slapped them in a baggie. LOL!

Right now I'm knitting a scarf for my great grandson and crocheting a pansy from a vintage publication. I needed a little break from tatting. For my next dye adventure, I'm going to only tat one motif but several of it. Then I'll paint each one with 3 strength values and separate them into warms and cools too. I had added 5 new colors and Sally wants to get a few more for next time. Pretty soon we're going to be fine-tuning.

Another busy week ahead.


  1. Just LOVE the teapot. That's my favourite - so far.

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    I hate it when I forget things! LOL

    How do you hand dye something? Which dyes are the best to use? You've inspired me to want to start dyeing things!!

    The teapot came out really nice - I like the touch of green on the handle!

  3. Everything turned out nicely! What fun!

  4. I really like the bit of green on the handle, and love the whole pumpkin :) the seahorses look good for just dipping and slapping, lol.

  5. That teapot is a beauty!!


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