Wednesday, November 03, 2010

When I finally got home last night, I found Karey's latest publication in the mail:

Included was a very thin bangle, which I honestly prefer to wear than to tat on but it's for tatting. I didn't even get to read the papers enclosed but it's the last issue for the year so I know it's for renewing the subscription and instructions about the bangle. I seem to have a growing collection of these gifts since I never seem to get around to tatting with them, no matter how strong my intentions. I saw a bookmark I may try in the future.

For the past year or so, I've been very interested in combining tatting with other media - you've probably seen some of my efforts with ric rac, macrame cord, and metal objects. Last night I finished this little pansy from a vintage doily pattern:

It's been around a long time and one I always wanted to crochet without doing the whole doily. I used one of my dyed threads. It looks BIG here but it's only about an inch square. My only thought was this would need something in the center if I were to attach it to something. It was easy to crochet, but I'm not likely to make anymore soon. At least now I have a sort of prototype. I was also wanting to get the feel of it and see if any tatting additions might be inspired in the process.

Something else I did last night was continue my skimming of needleart magazines and mixed in the bunch was the Spring 2010 issue of the Bulletin. I tend to skim these very fast when I get them and then maybe...later....I'll read them more thoroughly. Bina Madden of Paradise Treasures is on my blog list but since there's no blog update feed, it never shows at the top. You have to open my list and scroll down to find it. Bina is currently writing the tatting column of the I.O.L.I.Bulletin.

In this issue, I found her article about crocheting clusters within the tatted motif. I have the thread wound...hopefully I can try it out TONIGHT! I'm using variegated but I'll bet a solid might look better. I might have time to do that too and see which works best in appearance. Assuming I get the hang of it. This is the photo in the newsletter by Bina.

I don't know how many people caught the Spulni-Blog yesterday but if you didn't, you really should take a look. This Hungarian tatter has tatted the pieces to create a lace top for a jacket. She showed the tatted pieces in an earlier post and said she had to reconstruct the top to put the lace on. It's STUNNING!

And lastly, I just wanted to show a pattern I picked up at Trader Buck's Flea Market.
I go to this one booth every so often because months ago I happened upon it as the husband and wife were adding to their inventory. There were tons of craft books at only a dime or quarter each. Seems they belonged to her mother and I got the impression the mother had passed on. I mentioned I tatted and she said she would be bringing in some shuttles her mother had. So....I keep going back but no shuttles to be seen. It kind of bothers me in a way that they have devalued her belongings so much. I got this vintage pattern for a quarter. Almost everything of hers is only a quarter. I also picked up several embroidery booklets and transfers that I put on my lace blog. They sell these cheap plastic paintings and bags of socks and t-shirts for more than they sell these vintage treasures. Oh well...their loss, my gain.


  1. Love the look of the motif, but was actually saying" oh, no!" when I saw that the little blocks were crocheted.

    For some reason, have a horror of mixing tatting with crochet! I would love to try this pattern with block tatting to avoid the hook.

    I am eager to see how you do with this.

    Your dyed purple thread is very pretty.
    Fox : ).

  2. Hi Gina, I love the little pansy and I think a pearl button in the centre and a pin on the back and you would have a lovely brooch.

    As for the things that you buy so cheaply: I agree they seemed to under value them but at least they didn't just throw them out and now you can appreciate them. I buy lots of things from charity shops and I am pleased to be giving them a longer use - even if it is not the original use.

    Just another kind of recylcing.

  3. The grey place mat it is really beautiful
    bye max

  4. ok ok. where do you subscribe to the tatting times, also how much?

  5. Thx for sharing the Tatting Times info.
    I didn't know it existed!
    Always, L.


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