Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I almost missed it but Spulni is hosting a giveaway for a tailored pattern which includes a bit of tatting. You pick one of three designs and leave a comment naming your choice. If you sew, wouldn't that be a wonderful prize? She will pick a winner on November 30.

The new photo in my header was taken at work. I have 3 shelves in front of and above my computer and a bookshelf to my left. Both have several of my teapots on the top shelf. I've actually moved these around and packed a few to take home since the photo was taken. I collect tea-for-ones but I have a few regular teapots too. Actually, I've had to stop collecting them since I have nowhere to put them! I still buy one or two a year but only if they are very different from what I have. I have several with a holiday/winter/Christmas theme that I will bring out for now. I suppose this should be a Tatting-Tea-Tuesday post!

Early in September, Ruth Ann Adams from Texas sent me a scan of what she was tatting. I was so impressed to see this kneeling cowboy and his horse. Ruth was inspired by the story of the Church Cowboy and decided to tat this scene for the friend who told her about it. She doesn't write out her patterns, diagram them, or have a blog. I think it's worth showing off and offered to write out the pattern and try to diagram it.

It's taken me awhile to get started and this is only my first draft. Lots of adjustments to make. I'm trying to tat it in mostly one pass too instead of several parts so that's stretching my brain considerably.

I wanted you to see it before I get sidetracked or even worse, before I'm done. That could take a LONG time at the rate I'm going and I think Ruth Ann has done a beautiful job with this and deserves some recognition!


  1. The new header is gorgeous!

  2. That is a beautiful tatted scene by Ruth. Thank you for sharing it. I did notice your new teapot banner earlier today. Your collection of teapots is lovely.

  3. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Lovely teapot collection, and very well photographed! What talent you have!

    Btw, what do you do?
    I have a computer desk job myself, but no where to keep any tatting to display :-/ (lucky you!! :-D

    That is a nicely done tatting scene - thanks for sharing Ruth's work. Good luck on your pattern writing. So far it looks great!

  4. Great Banner Gina! You must have a beautiful collection of unusual teapots, because these are stunning!

    Ruth Ann's cowboy scene is lovely! Nice Job Ruth Ann!!

  5. Your new border is beautiful. Makes me want to make a cup of tea!!! Ruths`tatting is lovely too.

  6. LOVE the new header! That looks just great.

    You are a good friend to figure out the patterns ... and in one pass! What a woman!
    Fox : )

  7. I love Ruth's cowboy scene - I had to share it with my DH and DD, who also like it. Thanks for sharing it with us and good luck on figuring out the pattern.

    Love the new header. It's nice to be able to have such nice personal things in your work space.

  8. Your new header is very different and beautiful!

    Ruth Ann's picture is great. It has inspired me - my daughter's birthday is next week and she works with horses. I have been trying to design a horse for her birthday card. I have only seen one picture of a horse and it was a rocking horse at that. Now I have several ideas to work on. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I like your cowboy very nice.

  10. That is a great scene. Good job.


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