Monday, November 22, 2010

With Ruth Ann's help, I got more precise stitch counts and tatted the horse. There are a lot of variables. I used size 20; she used size 10. I shuttle tatted; she needle tatted. There are a couple of places I'm still not real clear on. Her horse looks better proportioned than mine. Is it the thread? Tension? Blocking? Method of tatting? Basically, the rings and chains are correct. I did do a split chain at the stirrup to keep from adding a third line of tatting and extra ends to hide. I think the height in mine between belly and back is too much. The little fella looks pretty stocky, not streamlined.

I want to do the cowboy again with the new numbers and see how it looks before I make any stitch adjustments. Needle tatting tends to produce slightly larger rings compared to the same ring shuttle tatted. Maybe I'll increase the stitch count slightly.

Yesterday I finished couching down the remainder of the Romanian Point Lace bells. I'll have fun coming up with new filling stitches for each bell. I intend to stay with the white.

I have the pillowslip completed and bagged. I was going to knit a cap for my great grandson and his half sister but I can't find my shorter circular needles. I tried the longer ones and it's never ever going to work so I gave up. I guess I could go to double pointed needles but most of those are stashed whereever the shorter circular needles are. I have moved way too many boxes around in the past year!

I'm off the week after Thanksgiving and fully intend to find where everything is and find a new home for some other stuff. The last time I took some vacation, a tree fell on my house. We think all the potential falls now are not a danger but we've had a bunch of wind and rain this evening and that's prime blow-over weather. LOL! I'm going to trust that all is well.

I also plan to do some serious Christmas stitching the week I'm off. I've been going through my books, magazines and printouts the past few weeks, pulling out projects I've been meaning to do. I know I will only get a few done but it's a few more I can cross off my wanna-do list.

I haven't forgotten the giveaway I promised. I just haven't carved out a block of time to do it properly. I've still been sorting out what I'm going to do with the garage repairs from the last tree. I'm making progress but chances are that nothing will get started before mid-December. Gotta say I'm really looking forward to 2011!


  1. Interesting comparison of ring sizes between needle and shuttle. Wonder why the chains don't come out bigger? I tried needle tatting waaaay back in the 70's and found it far too 'lumpy' and didn't give me the lacy effect I was used to. BTW the horse looks as if it's been stabbed many times over!!!!

  2. Gina,
    Relax, don't worry about the give away. Others will just have to understand with all you have been dealing with, you have to have time for what you must deal with also.
    Your horse looks really cute & well fed. You don't see his bones sticking out. I know you will get him to look how you want him to look. Besides small horses wasn't the only ones that was rode. So who's to say he's not a larger horse?
    Your bells look wonderful too! So enjoy your time off & find all the things you need to make your wonderful & amazing things with next week. Enjoy your time & yourself. That's what the holiday season is about after all. Smile & relax. I enjoy seeing the amazing things you make.

  3. Anonymous6:58 AM

    The horse is cute. I do both needle and shuttle tatting and yes, definitely! the stitches are puffier and looser (sometimes it's prettier that way, but it depends on the pattern). Other than that, I honestly cannot see why it should look less proportioned than Ruth's. Unless, the stitch count needs to be adjusted - since the shuttle causes them to tat tighter compared to the needle.

    I would say to try tatting it again, making any modifications as you go to get it to fit the shuttle technique.

    My guess would be that it's the thread, tension and blocking. Not sure how the technique would mess it up... it's still Rings and Chains... When you block, maybe you could make him a little longer (and less tall)??

    And, all this talk of threads and sizes... maybe your size 20 is the same as Ruth's size 10?? *So confusing anymore!*

    Now, I'm not an expert on any of this *by no means!* but after reading your post, it just brought all the above to mind - so thought I would share my food for thought (?)

    The bells are pretty, and speaking of knitting. I saw some circular needles in a store one day and wanted to buy them, but I don't knit! lol
    I know how to cast on, cast off and do the easiest basic stitch... maybe one day if the tatting doesn't consume me, I may try to learn knitting :-D

  4. have a fantastic week off free from falling trees!! and have a wonderful thanksgiving too x

  5. Beautiful Bells!

    You must be so looking forward to your week off, and with your abundance of energy, you are sure to get tons done!
    Fox : )

  6. Hello Gina, WOW I love your Tatted Bell project. I look forward to seeing them finished. Your horse is also looking very nice. Enjoy your week off and do not worry about the weather. We got some of that thunder last night but it passed quickly. Thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving your very lovely comment on my New Creative Studio. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy

  7. I keep wanting to tell you to take a breath and sloe down, but I know how it is when you are actually motivated, so have fun then.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Gina! I hope you have a good break and good luck with the horse. It is coming along and I trust you will get it perfect soon. I was scrolling up and down trying to compare the two and gave up.

  9. your blog so fun!! nice!!


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