Monday, August 09, 2004

Awhile back, I emailed someone who posted about having a problem with this tiny basket. She responded she was having a problem with the bottom. I said I'd look at it and just finally started tatting it this evening while waiting on someone to show up. I've done the center base and round 1. I joined the few places it said to join but it looks like maybe there are supposed to be more joins. There are now little side flaps that flip up and I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to. and she has this part figured out! It's so hard to tell from the photo - it's ancient. LOL!

I think I'll start over with more joins and see what the difference is before I go further. I love the way this thread looks. It's Valdani #12 but it looks more like a loosely twisted #10 or #20. I like the way the colors are working out though. Very nice Autumn-like feeling.

There are 3 rounds, a base center and a bottom. Can't take too long!

I went to Michael's on my lunch hour to use a 40% off coupon since I knew I wouldn't have a chance tonight.........and I got lotsa coupons! Ended up buying a Sue Scheewe travel watercolor kit. Also got a book on making books, already well discounted so couldn't use the coupon there. Actually it's called Making and Keeping Creative Journals.

That reminds me - I got a humongous craft tote from my sister for my birthday. She thought it might work to haul my scrapbooking stuff to and from her house. At first I was tempted to put my painting supplies in there but after getting Schweewe's travel kit today, I'll put the scrapbooking stuff in there instead.

The tatted bags from our exchange are starting to find owners.
To Nell from Ginny To Ginny from Nell


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