Sunday, August 15, 2004

Odds and Ends

I mentioned the book I got the pattern Heart's Desire from when I started making them, but the question of where has come up a few times since so I'll pass the info on again. I've got more to add anyway.
The hearts are from Susan Fuller's book, A Potpourri of Tatted Patterns. There is also an online pattern available from the archives of Georgia Seitz's online class. Class will be starting up again in September so if you're interested in participating, email Georgia.

I've been using up the last of my hand-dyed green thread. These trees also came from Susan's book but I believe the book is out of print now. I only bought mine a year or two ago so maybe there are still copies around. I didn't see any on Amazon or however. The trees are simply made of one tiny ring and then chains curving back and forth. I get to use up a lot of beads this way too.

Last night I started an edging that has bamboozled me for ages! It's in the tatting course of Anna Magazine, May 1997. It's shown as the edging on a quite large white linen center. I had only been tatting a year or three when I got that issue second hand and I had trouble following the instructions. Last year I bought Tatting With Burda which also has the pattern in it with written instructions. I took that book with me to Palmettos and worked on it one night late. I don't know why I thought I would have a brain at that point, but I gave it a try. Apparently I couldn't follow the directions that time either and tried to come up with something from the diagram and failed, although I gave it a valiant try. I still have the segment I worked with. Yesterday when I read through the instuctions in Anna, something clicked and I understood it was in 2 phases. I kept trying to make it ONE. LOL! I didn't have a linen center but I did crochet a strip to test tat with. I somehow ended up with exactly the right number of dc to have 4 repeats.

I ended off here last night.

Finished section today.

It naturally curves around. I used size 30 cebelia. This doesn't look as striking at the white piece on the white linen, but now I know I can do it!


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