Thursday, August 19, 2004

More Cabone Rings

The first one is an adaptation of the pattern in the book, Tatting Over a Cabone Ring, A Different Look for an Old Art, by Sadie Allison. The second one is my own design. I noticed none of the patterns had picots in the wrapped part of the ring so I wanted to see if it was possible. It is, but a little fiddly. You can't tighten the first stitch too much. The 3rd design is completely from the book, with beads added.

I was surfing the other day and found some new stuff. I love discovering new sites and sources. Blue Ridge Needleart is a source of Victorian-era charms, jewelry, and needleart items like chatelaines, needle threaders, and pin cushions. I love the miniature chatelaine charm. I came to this site originally because someone mentioned buying their tatting shuttle charm there. Always good for wish-lists!

The Meri Wanderer is a blog which focuses mostly on cross-stitch but has some tatting sprinkled here and there. If you follow the links to her cross stitch charts, she has a huge archive of designs. I can use these for filet crochet too in many instances.

Here is another blog, String-or-Nothing, which features a filet crochet dragon in progress. The blog is mostly about knitting but there are other needlearts here too.

At Heisler's Creative Stitchery, there is a tatted heart pattern done up in patriotic colors. I was thinking about trying it out in Christmas colors myself.

Miniature tatted hats caught my eye here at the Mini Milliner. No pattern - these are for sale to the miniature enthusiast.

The Patchwork Butterfly is a blog that features tatting with quilting. I love the patchwork butterfly motif up in the corner.

And now, off to bed!


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