Monday, August 30, 2004

A Walk Down a Tatted Memory Lane

I'm transferring photos from my online album to CD. These butterflies were practically my very first completed tattings. I got in an online exchange - I think 3 partners - and sent these pretties off. They were from a workbasket pattern. I was using beads right off the bat! Shortly after that, I was in a cross exchange - again, more than one partner. Here's my favorite pattern - again from Workbasket. Back then, that was my only source of patterns. I also made this cross in a lovely pale jade green for my Irish friend. I added jade fish beads on the tassels. I remember I had so much trouble with it! LOL! He said it looked very celtic - a new thing to me at the time, but once I was in Ireland and saw the cemetery stones in the same cross shape, I understood what he meant. Celtic, meaning ancient Irish, not the interwoven loops.

I was also in a pincushion exchange, earring exchange and several bookmark exchanges that year of 1999-2000. I actually started tatting the late summer of 1998 but it was early 1999 before I was involved in exchanges. I love the chatelaine I did. Silk ribbon embroidery with tatted trim. Wish I'd had a way to get a better photo at the time. Maybe I'll show it later. For now, got to get to bed!

Oh, btw, the friend at work said the heart colors are PERFECT! Made her want to get married, but I told her no, she didn't need to go to that trouble to get a heart from me!


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