Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cleaning and Dreaming and Planning

Oh wow! Last night I was putting a bookshelf back in the living room and reorganizing what is on it, meaning I really got sidetracked
Blushy 2 looking through my painting books and magazines. In a recent issue, I found a tea-for-one, which I collect, with a lovely Christmas holiday design. I've seen this tea-for-one as a paintable before and decided to put it on my Christmas list. There is a website of the supplier, Mr. & Mrs. of Dallas, and for all you decorative artists out there, or I'm thinking beaders too, you'll love this place! I say beaders because there are also lampshades and Christmas ornaments that are crying for bead embellishment. The prices are great too.

I got word today that my exchange partner received her tatted bag from me and mine is on its way! Like me, Victoria had not seen someone else's tatting, up close and personal, until an exchange.

This pattern is one I've used several times from Dianna Stevens' It's In the Bag. This time I added beads within the split rings and beaded tassels. I bought these beads in Ireland a few years ago. They're getting sent all over!

I gave Mary her wedding hearts today. The darker teal color is her favorite, she said. Today was her birthday. I signed a card, an office card, a few weeks back, but forgot that today was the day. So of course, she initially thought it was a birthday gift. She loves it - that's what matters.

I played with watercolors last night and may again tonight.

It's been an exceptionally hectic work week and I've not been motivated to do anything at home the last few days. I thought tomorrow would be lighter, but after looking at my schedule at the end of today, it's even fuller than today.

And it's cold here! My house is colder than what it is outside and it's 62º outside. Freezing Cold


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