Monday, August 16, 2004

"You are bidding on an exquisite and rare piece of hand tatted lace. It is made entirely by hand with a hand held shuttle. Hand tatted lace is a bobbin lace, a highly difficult technique to master and is surely an extinct art form. I have purchased this about twenty years ago in Hong Kong. I believe it was made in China long before then. It is brand new, the color is dark ecru, it is made of rather fine thread knotted tightly to give some weight to it. The pattern is a beautiful floral pattern. Size is 14"X19". It is in mint condition. It is great for end tables, night stands or as a doily to protect the surface of the table. A highly collectible piece and would look gorgeous framed as a piece of artwork."

ebay #8122780855

I'm pretty sure no one from my circle of tatting friends has listed this. And if so, well, shame on you.

First the seller says it was purchased 20 years ago and was even older than that. Then it is stated that it is brand new. Not only that - tatting is now a bobbin lace.

Actually, this is a combination of tatting and crochet. And it's probably tatted by underpaid laborers. It's only started at $9.99.

Looking at this seller's history, there is another one just like it that sold for $14.95. There is also a round one with the very same sales spiel.

Okay, I stopped looking - there were at least 4 of the round ones sold, exactly alike. These are mass-produced, not vintage....yadda yadda yadda.

I'm torn between wanting one so that poor overseas tatter's work won't go to waste and being nearly livid with the inequity of it.

The round ones are 17" in diameter and the rectangular ones are 14 x 19 inches. So then I think about Nell struggling with her runner. I'm pretty sure we'll never see that one on ebay!

Okay....rant mode off.

I tatted another cabone ring snowflake last night. Kinda looks like a turtle, doesn't it? LOL! The only thing I did different was to add beads while tatting. The author added beads to the middle only after the tatting was done with a needle and thread. Those little rings look kinda naked poking out there all alone. I think I will make another one and put picots all around each ring which will make them look closer. I really like the way the center looks though. I waited until the last ring and then joined all of them at the same time before I finished the second half of the ring.

I got my catalog from Mr. & Mrs. of Dallas today. That was fast! There are several openwork plates and bowls - oooh, and ornaments - some with flat surfaces perfect for adding tatting to - like the porcelain heart in this January entry. I want items to paint on, but these would be great for tatting too. I see a cross box which is 6 x 4 x 1 1/8 and it is $3.95 if you are buying one. It's cheaper by quantity. These are all porcelain. Some oval and round ornaments with the openwork around the edge - only $1.75 - $1.95 each. I paid $3.97 for the hearts from Walmart.

Oh, a 4 1/2" Victorian shoe. Now wouldn't that be sweet with bits of lace and ribbon decorating it?

Well....on to other things.



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