Monday, August 23, 2004

So much to see!

Christmas Decor or faux tatting as it says - this is machine embroidery made to look like tatting. It's pretty, but I'd rather have the real tatting any day.

Like this, for instance.

This is the corner of an antique linen I bought online last week from I found it when I was exploring "tatting" in Google Images. It's a runner made of linen about 17" x 50". Both ends have the tatting. I wasn't able to see the middle as close as now, but the center of the motifs is needlelace. Unfortunately, the thread used for the tatting was not as good a thread as I hoped. The ends have come out in a few places and it clumps a bit, not showing the picots very well. I may try to rewash and block it. It's identified as an 18th century piece so it's held up very well if that is the case. There are 2 very small holes in the linen. I may try to mend them at some point. I bought it because I especially like the motifs. They look somewhat like butterflys but I doubt if that's what they are meant to be. This is a larger thread, probably around size 10.

Another thing I got in the mail tonight!!!!!!

I got my bag from Victoria for the tatted bag exchange. I told her it reminded me of a giant strawberry! The second scan is a closer view of the interlocked rings at the top and then the fastening below. She's done a beautiful job!!

And then here's a doodle.

I started out making a simple bookmark motif in one of the KNOTS! backissues I had and partially to use up some shuttle thread. Right off the bat I made a mistake so I decided to play with it as there wasn't enough to cut and start over. I kept waiting for it to suggest some kind of shape and it did look sort of owlish (if you turn it upside down) but it ended up pretty nondescript.

Well, I'm super-tired all of a sudden. Time for bed.


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