Saturday, August 28, 2004

No Time for Tatting

It's been such a busy week with not much hope of it getting any better for a week or two. I started winding a shuttle yesterday morning while waiting for the furnace man. My shuttle and thread are still there on the kitchen table where I left them.

This evening I picked up what I had been working on way early in the week. I'm testing one of the chess pieces in Schaakspel, by Ineke Kuiperij.

I was trying to find a picture or source online but the only thing I found was this or or this. The second version is translated. It was a hit from the designer's name but the book isn't here. Nevertheless, there is some beautiful eye candy here.

Anyway, the directions are not in English and there is not a diagram so I'm making sure I can figure out the language. So far, so good. I've already figured out to bridge from one round to the next with split chains and then split rings. The directions don't call for it, but it's easier than tie & cut every round. I'm not sure I can figure out how to assemble it though. Might have to call on Riet for that.

I'm hoping to tat the celtic pumplkin that Rozella Linden has on her group site. And I need to start the hearts for a soon to be newlywed couple. I'm told they are decorating their home in earth tones.

Ummm Hmm 2 Huh? 2

I do have one thread, besides ecru and white, that I'm considering. Camouflage by Perfect Quilter. I know from the shells I tatted in that thread that it could have a soft, subdued look to it. With the right frame and mat, it might look super! I also have some soft variegated Pastelles from J & P Coates, embroidery floss, that I might be able to use. It's hard to tell what they will look like right now though.

I think I've found a use for a SS shuttle that was defective. SS was wonderful and replaced it but I still have the broken one. It's just been decorating my desk, but I've suddenly developed an interest in pendulums and decided I can use this shuttle as a pendulum.

Acck! I wondered why I kept yawning so deeply. Bedtime! Lots to do tomorrow.



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