Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Not much to post today, but I've been thinking about creativity and what a driving force it is, at least for me. Tatting has fulfilled much of that creative drive, perhaps far more than any other creative venture I've taken on. I used to rotate my crafts a bit more. Crocheting, knitting, quilting.........with a lot of sewing in between. Then painting was a huge passion - still is when I have time, but the tatting is so portable and easy to do. It's hard to get far from it when it's always close.

I was looking at the early entries on E-tatters. My first post, that I could find anyway, was March 17, 1999. I had tatted a cloverleaf bookmark. I believe it was then before yahoo took it over. I remember there were only somewhere between 50 and 70 members when I joined. Hard to imagine that it is over 1000 now. Nice to go back and see the names that have become familiar since then.

Well, a big wind is blowing outside so I'm closing down early.

"You have intended to be who you are. A perfect, ever changing, wanting, growing, magnificent being. A being who reaches out to the new, because you understand that in the new experience there is growth. You are a being filled with love, and in your purest form, you are love."



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