Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Walking Under Angel's Wings

It was a hectic day, following yesterday's hectic day - not stressful in terms of things going wrong - but very busy. Academic staff are streaming in, setting up their offices for the coming semesters and they want everything in place now. Nothing overly demanding, just a steady stream of requests.

It's very cool this evening and I decided to go up to the middle school to walk instead of on the treadmill. I figured the chill would keep the bloodlusting mosquitos at bay and it did. The football team was up there practicing - over in the grass, so I had the track to myself. I like to walk 3 miles each time and lately, I've been doing 4 on the treadmill, but tonight I had a kink in my leg for some unknown reason and 3 was the best I could do. As I was nearing the last few rounds, I gazed up into the sky and feasted my eyes on what I call Angel's wings. The clouds sometimes drift into a pattern that so resembles a gigantic wing that I like to think of it as an angel's wing, gracing us with a soothing and loving presence. By the next round, the feather edges had already faded and receded into the darkening evening, leaving me with only a memory.
I stopped at Michael's tonight and bought a mat for the hearts. I had them with me and that helped. I saved a whole $.76 with the coupon. LOL! I also found a frame with the darker teal blue color and the mat was the lighter blue. Then the hearts are backgrounded by ivory cardstock. I spaced them differently from the scan I used here. No picture, but maybe I'll remember to take one when I give it to Mary tomorrow. Oh, the frame was on sale 50% off.

I have too many things to organize right now. I'm working with a committee at work, trying to get them motivated on a project. I'm also soliciting volunteers from my lace group to demonstrate at various community events that are coming up - one on Saturday! Also trying to organize a baseball event in Indy for coworkers. And then the carry-in to celebrate my youngest son's college graduation. Plus I'm going to Camp Wannatat in September and since I'm going to be that far west, I'm trying to arrange to see a few friends in the general area too. DETAILS!

I'm so glad I'm not taking any more vacations until late Spring. They're wearing me out!

I started the little basket last night and joined the rings this time. I'm still not quite through the first round. I have a hard time focusing on anything for very long. My son has a lot of stuff in the middle of the living room floor. I can't believe he had all that stuff in his apartment. He had one bedroom out of 4 - it wasn't that big folks! He's leaving for Florida tomorrow for 10 days. Says he's going to sort through it all tonight ................HA! He'll have to. There's no room on his bed to sleep, or even a path to get to it.

I still haven't figured out how to make these bags.

And speaking of bags.......another gem from the exchange surfaced today. This one was tatted by Gail for Carol.

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  1. Here is my guess as to how to make the left bag. Take two circles of fabric, each with a tatted edge. One circle larger(~18 inches) than the other(~10 inches). Place the smaller one on top of the larger circle. Sew a casing about 3 inches in from the edge of the small circle. The casing is a double seam so that you can thread a ribbon in between the stitched seams. Make a hole on opposite sides of the casing. You will probably want to do buttonhole stitches so it won't fray. Thread a long length of ribbon thru one hole and all around back out the same hole. Do the same with another ribbon on the other hole. Tie ribbon pairs to secure. Pull the ribbons in opposite direction to close the bag. It should give you a double drape effect to the bag. Try it out!


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