Sunday, August 29, 2004

We had a very informal celebration for my youngest son's graduation from Purdue. He wanted a carry-in at the park. The food was good; the weather cool and windy; the company wonderful, including babies and puppies.

My son-in-law and my 3 sons are in this photo. Son-in-law Richard, oldest son Andy, graduating son Jesse, and middle son Jason. There is another photo of me with all four of my children which includes my daughter, but it was dark and I haven't figured out how to lighten it yet. Perhaps one of the other cameras got a better shot.

This evening has been slow and relaxing. I tatted, of course. I made a heart from the camouflage thread which will go perfectly in my living room. I made it as a sample to see if it will work for my co-worker who is getting married next month. I'm told they have decorated their home in "earth tones" so I'm going to take the heart to work tomorrow and ask the woman who told me that if it will go with their decor. If not, it's mine! LOL! If yes, then I'll just make another one for the pair.....and eventually make some for me too.

I have two more tattings in progress on the table next to my chair. I can finish one each evening if I put my mind to it.

Always another tomorrow, fortunately.


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