Saturday, July 17, 2004

I just love having all these new options to blog with! Madeline got reserve sweepstakes.  Sweepstakes went to my fellow lacer, Bette!  You can see her bobbinlace star there. That's from a class she took about a month ago with Holly VanSciver.  Very delicate and beautiful. 
My doily and filet snowman got seconds.  The little bag with the frog closure got a first.  My bracelet got a first and my necklace got a second. 
As we walked around the exhibits, we found all kinds of categories to enter into next year.  It's hard for me to remember though. 

Here's me and Bette standing in front of the display and the other pic is Rosemary who entered some knitting.....and some pencil artwork and........some photography.  Bette is our lace guild's president and Rosemary takes care of the newsletter.  Rosemary is showing off the can into which people deposit their vote for the People's Choice award, which is $20 given by the guild. I can settle back and start on Christmas gifts and finish up my living room. Carpet goes in on the 29th so I can get everything back in place then.   My son may be moving back mid-August.    So much for empty nests.  LOL!  It's only temporary. He graduates in August and his lease is up in August too - so until he knows where he'll be working, he doesn't want to sign a new lease.   Could be a month, could be a year..................his field isn't exactly hopping right now.  He works part time in a restaurant since he takes  classes during the day but he'll be done August 6.
I hope to narrow down my choices for a tatted bag this weekend. That's the hard part - deciding exactly what I want to make, the thread, embellishments, color.  And I have a tendency to start something only to decide I don't like it and then try something else.  Oh well.  Challenge is fun!
  Hula Hoop 


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