Friday, July 30, 2004

I did manage to locate my thread for the monkey. Everything but the ears are done and I need to put it all together. Part way through, I figured out what I had to change in the past. I knew I had changed something but it wasn't written down. The whole thing is done in double crochet, which leaves some pretty big spots for the stuffing to show through. The body isn't too bad, but the arms were noticeable, so I did the legs in single crochet. The upper part anyway. I may make another one and do it in half double crochet (hdc).

At the moment, I'm squirreled up in the sewing/craft/computer room, but there's no room to move around and find stuff. He's pretty close, with the carpet, so I think I'll venture out to see what's up.


He's still here...............almost done. sigh..........................he remembered doing the bedrooms here last fall and it took him all day, until around 7:00 pm that time.

I put the monkey together but still need to attach the mouth and make the ears. I need a big needle for that and didn't have it handy. But I had thought to take Mary Maynard's book about flowers with me and my little basket of shuttles with I played with the flowers for awhile. My floss holders with thread are in here but the shuttles are no butterflies right now.

I spotted a shuttle with thread and an edging that I carried around for a few years, taking out only a few months ago when I changed purses. I decided today that I'm tired of the edging and I don't even remember what I planned to put it on now. I now have about 20" of variegated rose size 80, an edging named, appropriately, Rose's Edging. Says it is from Rose Hodgson, published in spring 1993. This is a photocopy, much folded and worn. I think I got it from one of Georgia's books. I have no idea how to use it now. LOL! I'll probably frame something with it. I have another edging going on that I carried with me all the time, but I do remember it's going on pillowcases that I'm embroidering. Aaaaccckkk!!!! Another UFO! I had the edging done for one case but the embroidery was not complete. The second edging is close to being done too. I started these in 2000. I remember because I took them with me when I went overseas. I think I tat much better now. I wonder if it will show?

The carpet guy has a bug phobia. The old carpet is out in the garage, which is open on one side and not attched to the house. Apparently the bottom is wet and has attracted bugs. He said he could handle daddy-long-legs. But then as he started naming the ones that gave him the willies, it was clear that he can barely deal with the daddy ones. LOL! I told him we would take care of it. I was going to have them dispose of the old carpet even though it seemed rather expensive. I guess we'll just do it ourselves.

I found a Sue Scheewe video series online for much less than the original price. I have the book it goes with and after reading some of the instructions today, I could see I really needed the video. I really think they could explains techniques clearly if they wanted to. This was in an Ebay store. I found out recently that there are lots of things in the market area that are not in auctions...........including tatting.

For instance, here are 44 shuttles for sale, separately:

Threads and beads:

Yep - 260 stores that matched up with tatting.

It's going to be too late to put any furniture back tonight. I hope I can make it to the bed.



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