Friday, July 23, 2004

Christmas in July

Here's an idea for a Christmas gift. My First Tatting Kit. I have some grandkids who have expressed an interest in tatting. I know, I know, I could make up my own without buying this one, but I'm curious!

And if you want to work waaaaaay ahead (really, it's not too soon) then you might be interested in these Tatted Snowmen listed at Tattered , a website full of links and patterns.

Then, if you scroll way down here in the gallery from Rissa's Pieces, you'll see some lovely ornament covers. She also has a nice link to tatting resources.

Here is a historical ladies cap from the 1800's called a Benoiton Cap. "This pretty cap consists of an oval crown in tatting, edged all round with a tatted lace; the lappets, forming a benoiton in front, are made in tatting also." The illustration looks kind of weird to me, but I may try the tatting some time just to see how it works up.

Looking here in the gallery at the Tatting Exchange Site, I was especially intrigued by the doorknob hangers. I love seeing how people use tatting in new ways and also how different threads work up.

I forgot to put my tatting back in my bag this morning so I didn't get a tatting fix at lunch today.   That would be ok except I have to finish painting tonight.   I just want it done!

The participants in the tatted bag exchange on my list are having a lot of fun throwing out hints and teasing.  I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Just found this "... beads. Artistic Wire is available in a variety of colors and gauges for everything from delicate shuttle tatting to basket weaving. ... " I still have no inclination to tat with wire.  I'm sure it's lovely but then, I think anything done with wire is lovely.  I have quite a bit in a stash to make jewelry with...........someday.

And here "This diminutive table was finely crafted, originally as a tatting table. Having lost its frame, it now makes a charming occasional piece. ... " I didn't know there was any such thing as a tatting table. $1900.00

Something in the Water
$15.95 - Down East Books - Fiction & Literature
... Tonight she sat still, looking out at him over the rims of her spectacles as she had in life whenever he disturbed her at her tatting. ...
which can be found here.

I'm finding these through Google, which has a category Froogle, where you do online shopping. I put "tatting" in the search field.

As usual, crochet is confused with tatting. I'm pretty sure there is NO tatting in this collar though I had to look close.

And here is hairpin lace being sold as tatting at the tune of $120. I get a little angry when people don't know what they are talking about. It may be worth every bit of $120 but for the person who buys it thinking they are getting tatting, it could be a bitter disappointment. Then again, perhaps the buyer should spend some time educating self before spending that much money.

Well, there was supposed to be a tatted beaded flower here at Beadgarden but I never found it. Lots of free patterns for beaded flowers though.


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