Friday, July 16, 2004

Projects Projects Everywhere!

I was tatting on my cabone ring snowflake during lunch and realized I have several projects going at once!  This is the 2nd tree ornament.  I'll wait until I have about 6 or so to post a pic.  With tiny silver beads. 
I'm still working on the Dusenbury heart - or rather, waiting to work on it.  It needs that 3rd shuttle and I haven't sat down to do that yet.
I'm working on another bracelet - this one in red - and then I will do another - both are gifts so I'll wait to post pics of those too. 
And the tatted soon as I decide what I want to make.  Another one that won't be on here until the recipient gets it.
I'm also emptying my shuttles at home while sitting in front of the computer.  Butterflies (to send to the Palmetto group) and flowers when the thread is too little for a butterfly.  It's not just shuttles I'm emptying.  I'm emptying my floss holders too.  When I need a shuttle and don't want to take the time to tat the thread off, I wind it on a floss holder and they are now filling up containers and bags so it's time to do something with them. 
Now, I'm wondering.............if I tat the teensy cabone rings........and then connect the rings together......what kind of pretty will that make? 
I started going through a stack of Anna magazines the other night (procrastinating working on the floor)  and remembered other projects I want to do...........sometime.  There are several filet crochet mats in the Christmas theme that I want to do.  The next one says "Cookies for Santa".  I think there is one with Santa in a sleigh.  Another with poinsettias.  Another with an angel.  Another with snowflakes.
Random thought..............I don't remember seeing a category in embroidery for the fair.  There are so many different forms of embroidery - hardanger, cutwork, shadow, brazilian, silk ribbon......  I'll have to check. 
Speaking of projects.............I haven't gone any further with the butterfly and fernleaf collar.  In fact, I cut the ball thread loose to use for something else. 


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