Saturday, July 03, 2004

Garage sale finds!

I still have some trim work to paint but I'm waiting for help to get the carpeting out. In the meantime, I went to garage sales this morning. I usually allow myself $20 and I didn't quite have that much in bills, but I probably did if you count the change. Came back with almost $5.

One of the first things I got was this doily. It was on a mason jar with potpourri and miniature lights, which I didn't really care about, but I wanted the doily! It's tatted but includes crochet. The crochet is part of the center motif as it bridges out, and then the outer motifs have a crocheted center. I asked who tatted when I paid as there were 3 ladies there and I had seen other crafty stuff so I figured it was one of them. Actually it was a friend of one of the ladies, and she told me her name was Charlotte - but I didn't quite get the last name - only enough to know it wasn't the Charlotte I knew - who doesn't tat that much. So I left my "tatting" card with her and asked her to pass it on to her friend. The ends appear to be knotted and cut close instead of hidden, but the work is very good and it's a shame it sold as part of a home decor item for $1.50.

I also got this little grouping all in one place along with a frame. The little red bags, which are each full of beaded ornament hooks, were $.50 each and the gold bags, with incense, were $.10 each. The monkey hook thingie, which I find adorable, was also $.50. I love organdy bags! Might have to trim these with tatting and beads and put sachets or something in them. I just noticed one of the incense bags also has an incense burner in it.

I bought this glass....vase? another sale. The lady was going through a divorce it seems and I got to hear the juicy details.

Really, I didn't need to know that (not repeating) but I understand how it feels to be in pain and trying to sort it out and telling everyone you see in hopes somehow that in the telling it will become clear to you. Anyway, she had written "antique" on this. I'm not exactly sure how it's used - possibly with a candle as you can see it is in 2 parts. She had an artificial rose in it. But the color goes perfectly with my color scheme.

After that, I went clear to the other side of town as there didn't seem to be all that many garage sales going on for some reason. I found only a few more and at the last one, the gentleman immediately offered me 2 rocking chairs at $5 each. Well one of them was one I'd eyed at Walmart one year during Christmas, but too late for my kids to get it for me and more than I wanted to spend for me at the time. It's an odd sort of rocker - more of a glider. It didn't have the cushion with it, but he threw in the pillow he had put there to sit on. So now I have my chair and can make any ol' cushion I want to coordinate with the decor! one sale, I also got yards of gold organdy fabric for $1.50 - which I will make gift bags from, most likely.

Then....when I got home and checked my mailbox, there was the summer Bulletin from I.O.L.I. and on the front cover is a tatted background and the feature item is Sherry Townsend's tatted celtic dragon! That's 2 of my friends who have been published in the Bulletin in recent issues! I have such talented friends! Congrats to Sherry!

Wishing all a great firecrackin' weekend!


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